The New Looney Tunes Show:

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WB has announced the series for the fall on CN, and put up a promo pic. Damn, Bugs is drawn awkwardly. So, who's looking forward to this?
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2 Enlong21st Apr 2010 02:09:38 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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Link to that poster, please?
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3 CTM21st Apr 2010 02:16:10 PM from Connecticut
Here. Scroll down a bit.

There are a couple things I'm not so sure about, but I'll give it a shot. Should at the very least be better than the last Looney Tunes show...
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You mean the last TWO? Both 'Baby Looney Tunes' and 'Loonatics Unleashed' sucked.
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5 Etheru21st Apr 2010 04:35:57 PM from somewhere in the south , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Bugs looks like he's a composite between the design he goes with and the classic design... Not sure about it, but maybe this new show will be good, the Network is bringing in a few good new shows, let's hope New Looney Tunes is the same, as in good.
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6 BetaRay21st Apr 2010 05:30:30 PM , Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
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Edit: Nevermind, off topic.

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Okay okay, didn't know.
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9 Etheru21st Apr 2010 06:26:58 PM from somewhere in the south , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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It's okay, wasn't trying to be mean, Beta Ray, just saying.
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Hoping beyond hope for old school Daffy. With that goofy grin on his face, I'm really hoping they go for, not really Clampett, but more of a Mc Kimson approach.
11 Jumpingzombie21st Apr 2010 10:30:52 PM from a hill in Washington
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This does seem to have some promise; I shall remain cautiously optimistic for the time being. I also agree it seems like it will be at least better than the last revival. Never bothered with Lunatics Unleashed, but I thought Baby Looney Tunes sucked. They're supposed to be at least a little wacky, not tame and telling me morality tales.
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12 DrSivana4th May 2010 06:27:29 AM from Science Island
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I've said it on another forum, but I'm cautious with more tinges of doubt on this one. Not because I actually doubt the quality at this point, but mostly due to CN's track record. Many good shows that have been hyped have been uncerimoniously cancelled or put on permanant hiatus with no warning or even news as to whether they're gone or not.
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13 Allik6th May 2010 09:13:22 PM from Oh you know where
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I don't know how to think about this. It may turn out a good show but given the last few years censorship policy where they started even censoring some of the ORIGINAL Looney Tunes cartoons I don't how they are gonna correctly initiate this and keep its charm.
Argh...sorry but I have absolutely no confidence in this being good. Bugs, what has she done to you?! If that's not enough to turn you off, the premise is stealing from the old comics. You want to see Bugs and Daffy living together in the suburbs, neighbors to all the other familiar faces? Until proven otherwise, I'm predicting it will be more of the same as Carrotblanca and Box Office Bunny. I'll be shocked if there's an original joke in there somewhere.
15 Zolnier7th May 2010 02:13:58 AM from A suspiciously dull shop
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I can't exactly put my finger on it but yes there is something wrong with Bugs.
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16 Nexus7th May 2010 02:38:53 AM from The Other Side , Relationship Status: Singularity
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^^Who's the female pig in that picture?
17 truteal7th May 2010 03:04:20 AM from the great southern land
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Being the Eternal Pessimist, I don't have high hopes for this show

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^^^ Oh, I can put a finger on it but then I'll have to wash it :( First off he's purple, only making it stand out more how off-model he is. He looks like he's drawn in a Hanna Barbera/Spumco style as opposed to anything from WB (except for in the 70's maybe) and his head and feet are huge. No, actually looking at the other characters, it's that he has a way-too shortened body. He's completely missing the fluff from the sides of his face as well. And going back to the purple, it's not just the lighting. She made him purple because "why not". Oh, I can think of a lot of reasons why not...

Seriously though, why redesign the character so dramatically? At least Sylvester looks cute, if terribly off model as well. Bugs just looks stupid. I really can't get behind that character design. I've seen the artist's other stuff, and it's badly ripping off John K. and Spumco, which I kinda like in a way, but NOT for this. No. Not for this.
Character designs mean absolutely nothing to me, given that this is 2010, pretty much every new show nowadays has some new kind of art style, and it's repeatedly been shown that despite people assuming that a design they don't like means the show will be horrible, good writing can prove them wrong.

If you were looking for Clampett or Jones-esque designs, you're probably in the wrong decade.

So Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic, and it's far too early to say such complete assumptions as "none of the jokes will be original" or something like that, given that all we have is basic setting and character designs.
20 SpainSun7th May 2010 09:33:00 AM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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I am very skeptical after Loonatics Unleashed.

However, I'll give it a try.
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21 Etheru7th May 2010 03:26:48 PM from somewhere in the south , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Designs don't matter to me, if the writing's good, that's what matters... However, if the writers suck, then I'm not watching.
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Known Unknown, I'm not looking for Clampett/Jones designs, I'm looking for quality. It absolutely affects my perception of what the show will be like ahead of time, because if the character looks off model who's to say the writers didn't take liberties as well? But I don't go judging shows I've never watched by their art, I'm judging this by the track record of awful modern Looney Tunes that are phoned in and uninspired cameo-fests. And by who they hired for it. The fact that they fired the people that were working on Laff Riot (what it was originally called) to "retool" it doesn't sit well with me. Even the gag picture for Laffriot made me giggle. While I was wary of the proposed UPA style, I didn't get to see any of the characters and who knows if the animation that got done will be seen. They traded guys that worked on Animaniacs, Tiny Toons and Pinky and the Brain for the guys who worked on Space Jam, Back at the Barnyard and Ben 10. Considering I don't care for any of those, no I don't have faith in the writing of this retooled series. If you like the new Duck Dodgers' Daffy, then you're in luck, 'cuz they got that guy too and that's more than likely the Daffy we're getting. No, it's not Paul Dini either. And to be honest, I haven't heard much positive from either other respected writers or people who've seen previews (particularly for the 3D CGI Wile E. Coyote short, which was said to be "cute but predictable" since the premise has long since become a "parody of itself").

So I will give it a chance when it airs, but I'm pessimistic.

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The designs are okay, except Bugs being purple. Here's my attempt to fix him.
^^ Except he doesn't look Off Model. It's a different art style.
I know it's a different style, that doesn't change the fact that it's also off model. Why are Yosemite and Pete mostly untouched, "retool" wise, in this different style? It's not that hard to draw the character's basic construction in a different style. I'd forgive the purple if it was at least on model. His head and feet are enormous compared to the dinky body she gave him. Look at this and tell me which one looks more like Bugs Bunny to you? The shape of the face and eye spacing is about the only thing she did right. I put a classic Bugs on there just for comparison. This new Bugs looks too pop-art, and as if he would fit more comfortably in the Tiny Toons cast than Looney Tunes. And before you think I'm just negative on her style, I've seen her art and I love just about everything about her style (She did work for Spumco it turns out) and I think her rendition of Sylvester is absolutely freakin' adorable. But she left most of the characters on-model except for Bugs here (and Petunia but I can't complain too much since she isn't exactly as iconic). She could just as easily have drawn Bugs in her own style but still recognizable but she consciously chose to "streamline" him and make him purple. If the first thing people think when they look at a picture is "that doesn't look right" then it's off model. 90's cash-grab Bugs is off model, but at least his basic construction is intact. Bug's evolution between creators in the 30's to 60's was a result of organic and creative decisions and a natural progression, not "let's see what's a popular style right now and copy that". They may swear up and down that this isn't animated in Flash, but it still has that same flat UPA style that all the cartoons have these days. It's not pointy like Loonatics, granted, but I still don't think it's right for Looney Tunes. If you like the design that is fine, and it may well be a fine design for a bunny character, but there is no question that is off model for Bugs .

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