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351 Noaqiyeum12th Jun 2012 05:04:52 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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How broad is 'documentary'? (Thinking of somewhat more speculative things like Walking with Prehistoric Beasts and what not.)
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as long i learn something new

oh i forgot that i prefer 2005 and after
353 Jimmmyman1012th Jun 2012 05:21:31 PM from polan , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
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I know good history documentaries. Ken Burns makes great stuff.

Have you tried watching Nova? A short, mini documentary, sometimes crappy, sometimes fascinating.
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hmm Nova definitely interesting. Ken Burns probably too american for my taste
355 SeventySeven13th Jun 2012 09:29:10 PM from Somewhere in the US
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[up] Have you seen Frozen Planet at all? It just finished airing on Discovery Channel a couple of months ago. A very good nature documentary on the arctic regions, and it's narrated by David Attenborough (or Alec Baldwin if you prefer).
I'm working on it.
YES! it's the best documentary i ever seen
357 SeventySeven15th Jun 2012 09:29:18 PM from Somewhere in the US
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Well then, how about Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman? Also an excellent show, though I'm not sure it counts as a documentary exactly.
I'm working on it.
I want something that specifically plays up the "trying in futility" aspect, by the way. Especially if it includes references to stories in general like "I used to wonder if happy endings happen in real life as they do in stories. I guess I've found out now, " or "I used to love those stories where love and courage triumph over all odds. Now I have to make them happen".

Doctor Who

Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four


Angel (Most of the time)

The Justice League cartoon.
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So I've recently watched Texhnolyze and then 'Threads' and I'm trying to come across something with a similarly bleak atmosphere of complete hopelessness, dystopia and darkness. I loved the sheer atmosphere of Texhnoylze and it's unique world, and the detailed account of how a civilization can break down and result in a primitive, savage culture in it's wake. Any kind of detailed world building would be awesome. I also was engrossed by the more depressing bits of the vignettes in earth 2100 too. I tried watching 'The Day After' but it just seemed to 'cheery' as odd as that sounds. The wholesome, 'all american' type setting, the sappy music and just the general 'hollywood' esque nature of it left me bored. It doesn't have to be post apocolyptic, just anything soul crushingly dark will do.

I'm aware of: When the Wind Blows 1984 (duh) Brave New World (duh) Ergo Proxy Wolf's Rain Testament War Game

I'm hunting down inspiration for a character.

I'm working on a character concept who is a sort of an aristocratic character (In theory - I'm oversimplifying for the sake of asking my question) who is trying to be a young knight / samurai (culture she comes from is based on Korea in particular, but also other Asian cultures). She's very inexperienced, but trying to prove herself on both fronts. Sort of like Astrid, from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. However, I don't have too many other characters besides Astrid from which to draw inspiration regarding such a character. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some relevant characters and tropes to look at in various media for inspiration purposes. Generally, I expect fantasy to be the heavist genre, but period pieces that carry similar themes may also be helpful.
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[up][up] How about Now and Then, Here and There? Also Infinite Ryvius has been described as Lord of the Flies IN SPACE!.

I'll recommend Neverwhere too, which seems pretty dark to me, but to be honest probably isn't as in line with what you're looking for as the first two.

[up] Like Lan Fan perhaps? Altough she basically just comes off as competent and loyal.

Depends how you want to portray her I guess.

You could try mixing Rin and Saber.

The female characters (the few there are) in works on the Wuxia page would likely be more in line with the aesthetic you are looking for though.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions. I'm looking through them now.

Essentially, she's supposed to be the ideal / trying to achieve the ideal Gender Flip of Officer and a Gentleman, due to be created as Wish Fulfillment for another character, although she has another side that I'm basing more off of Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Thinks Like a Romance Novel / Cant Tell Reality From Fiction). Essentially, I'm taking the Wicked Cultured aspect of Beatrice and trying to move it to a more martial/warrior type of thing.
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I was working on the basis you were aiming for some kind of Ojou Chinese Girl Knight/Samurai.

But If you're going for a kind of good version of The Baroness, I'd suggest Cornelia from Code Geass, although she's a full Britannian Princess.

I don't post there myself but Writer's Block may be able to help you work through the details.

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364 GAP3rd Aug 2012 09:23:06 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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Does anyone know of seires that also celebrates failure like the Venture Bros.?
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@GAP: That's a tough one. I'd suggest The Prisoner, but that's not a sure sell. It's as surreal as VB but very different in tone. It's one of the pinnacles of the psychedelic era of spy fiction but it deals with serious themes.

Also The Third Man, which is a deconstruction of detective fiction. Try to avoid reading about it because it has a famous spoiler. It's less of a comedy and more of a thriller.

Deconstructions in general tend to have pathetic characters but VB's reconstructive elements make it a lot more optimistic than most.
Recomend me something with an emphasis on the line between some sort of masquerade, or secret identity, and a world of mundane. Something like a Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World but less comical. Comparable the school setting of Code Geass, or to Animorphs.

Also, recommend me something where protagonists rationally acknowledging their likely impending doom is played for drama, as something MORE THAN just a thowaway "in case we didn't make it..." comment. Something like the last part of Frodo's journey, or the plot of Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer has elements of both things you were looking for, I think (I'm not familiar with the examples you cited for the first one, so I'm going purely off the description).
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Hmmm. Well I'm sure you've already seen Darker Than Black and Haruhi Suzumiya for the first item.

Rationally acknowledging impending doom? Rand from The Wheel of Time. I think it only takes about eight or ten Doorstoppers. Catch-22 is rationally acknowledging the lack of rationality in the protagonist's impending doom. But then, I guess it is hilarious though.
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369 Noaqiyeum30th Sep 2012 07:32:15 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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(a) Something like The Night Circus. Especially if it is like it in the ways that are also like Baccano! or that are also like The Prestige or like The Invention Of Hugo Cabret.

(b) Something with a tone like A Canticle For Liebowitz - serious and philosophical in a grim situation but nonetheless whimsical and upbeat without relying on dark comedy.

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Anyone who looks dangerous is dangerous.

Anyone who doesn't look dangerous is dangerous and sneaky.
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I'm seeking enlightening. Well that's elusive.

So instead I'd like to ask for the most inspiring work you can think of.

I don't know, something along the lines of the The Little Prince?

Of course it can be much longer. Just make sure it's the opposite of depressing.
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371 BokhuraBurnes22nd Oct 2012 10:28:11 AM from Inside the Bug Pit
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The first thing that comes to mind is Les MisÚrables (yes, I am taking your suggestion of 'longer' and running with it.) Also, how about The Lives of Others for a film, or Friday Night Lights for a TV series?

All these works don't flinch from showing darkness, but ultimately manage to transcend it.

In fact, a lot of the works on the Earn Your Happy Ending page might fit what you're looking for.

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I'd like to point out that Earn Your Happy Ending is quite disctinct from what I'm looking for.

Les MisÚrables... Yes that is a bit too long.

I'm not really fond of dark stuff; it takes somewhat more subtlety to weave depth into a work without long depressing periods.

If you insist, you can recommend something light and happy for most of the work, with a patch of darkness which then leads to an earned happy ending.

If you see what I'm getting at.

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"Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes."
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Lord of the Rings has some great never-give-up-even-when-it-looks-hopeless messages, without being too dark. The movies aren't as great at conveying that as the books, so I'd recommend going with the books. The Silmarillion is good, too, although that's a bit darker. If you don't object to pretty explicitly Christian literature, C. S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces is incredibly thought-provoking. For something generally lighter and fluffier (in both presentation and content), Fruits Basket is pretty good; either just read the manga, or watch the anime and then pick up the manga from where it cuts off (around volume 9, IIRC). Or read and watch both.

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  • Comics.

If you're looking for something other than Super Heroes and Super Villains punching each other in the face, go check my post on the Comics conversation, titled: "12Reasons Why I Love Her".
I'm looking for two types of 'comics', Graphic Novels or albums in the style of Asterix & Obelix) and some 'light' reading (about 200-300 page books.) Don't recommend Valhalla for me since somebody recommended it already to me and I might take a look at it, too bad it's not fully translated into Finnish. The graphic novel or book should also have Norse Mythology or Classical Mythology (Greek) as the focus. Also if you know a good translation of Prose Edda (book form), recommend it for me. If graphic novel, I'm looking for a good adaption of Greek mythology.

Key points 1. Has to be a good, fun and fast read with enough content to keep me entertained for a while.

2. I'm not very interested in nudity, gore or romance that much so keep those in mind.

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