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I have one of them too!

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You know what I want Amy Pond to have? A mother who is supportive enough to want her to go with the doctor. All the compainions so far -Rose, Martha, Donna - had mothers that hated him. Of course constantly putting your daughter in danger is not really a redeeming quailty, but surely it's time for a pro-doctor mum.
The new logo's going to be revealed tommorow at 8:00 A.M GMT. Cue death threats.
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I don't mind it. Does this mean a new opening as well? Boy the series really is changing this time isn't it? I'm getting the some feeling I had when the new series was first introduced.

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ugh... just watched my first official least favorite episode of Doctor Who... now, bear in mind that up to now there have been good episodes and great episodes, and episodes that were just mostly OK but worth watching. "Love and Monsters" just broke the streak in a really amazing bang of "why did anyone ever think anyone would want to watch this crap".

Of course, I watched it coming off the awesomeness-buzz from "The Girl in the Fireplace" (by the way. OMG. new list-topper for my list of favorite episodes. and no, I haven't actually got a list.) but seriously. Inexcusable.

I also watched the Ninth Doctor Episodes, and they were pretty rockin... "Bananas are good"... full of lolz, obviously...

Oh, and of course, belated return of *the-angels-have-the-phonebox-shirt-high-five*. grin

Oh heyy, new logo! Pretty cool... really did like the orange, but, you know. shit changes. Making things darker, though? first I've heard of this. Hope the show doesn't... I dunno. Kill the funny. What would be really sick is the sort of balance they had in "The Girl in the Fireplace". Why yes, I *am* talking about that episode again! What do you know. But really. Death and banana daiquiris. They've got to leave room for both.

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quidf scire vis?
Um, no links?
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Logo AWAY!

^^ The guy who wrote Girl in the Fireplace Blink and The Empty Child is going to be the frontrunner for the new series. I doubt they will kill the funny.

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quidf scire vis?
Heheh, DW made to be in the shape of the TARDIS, and with the light on top XD


It looks fine, I guess.
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But... what are the other two sides?
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
"But... what are the other two sides?"


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quidf scire vis?
Irrelevant because they're not in the shot.

Ninja'd by awesome.

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@ willinever... Those are like, my three favorite episodes... omg.
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Yep, I read. I'm totally looking forward to Moffet's reign. I'll miss Russ but the angst/camp was getting a tad much. Also it would be nice to end a series where someone doesn't turn into the personifercation of Deus ex Machina or dies Jedi Truth style.

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While I don't not like the new logo, I personally prefer the shiny orange oval thingy one. But that may be because it's the only logo I'm familiar with.
What I like about the new logo is that it looks like a TARDIS.
SHIKI is dead.
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Really? You think so?
I just had the strangest idea for a companion introduction, let me know if it's been used—so the doctor's milling around in the olden-days, when someone gets shoved through the tardis doors simply because someone tried to use it as an actual police box.

Ever been done?

On a semi-related note ("I'll just step into this Police Box and arrest myself" XD), they really need to have Lady Christina show up again. Really. You can't just give someone a flying double-decker bus and then act as if there isn't a flying double-decker bus somewhere in twenty-first century London.
Yeah, the flying bus is totally spinoff bait.
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Not necessarily—they do that all the time. Remember when they implied that the British royal family were all werewolves with a cult of Scottish Ninjas? Or that the dark was full of things that'd kill you? Or that all statues, everywhere, would kill you if you looked away from them? What about that one guy who got dropped off on Earth with millions of pounds (answer: he got a Continuity Nod in one of the episodes as having started a foundation or something, I think)?

Well, these are not great examples except for the last one, but my point is that the Whoniverse is littered with the detritus of the Doctor's adventures and few of them are ever followed up on. Many of them are (like the Ninth Doctor episode with the Slitheen woman), but frequently they're just left hanging.
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Lady Christina was one of my favorite characters. They need to have her show up again because I will be sad if she doesn't show up again.
SHIKI is dead.
Planescape Hijack
Eh, she kinda irked me...but on the other hand she was hotter than "Sanhelios".

That wacky scientist guy Malcolm should be a recurring character. He was fun.

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While I'm not saying that this is spinoff-worthy on a Torchwood scale (which, by the way, I've never watched. It any good?) I think that this is one of those things that doctor is just bound to run into again— Like Captain Jack or the Zepplin dimension, or the bit about the bees dissapearing. It would just be weird to introduce Christina, leave her on the run from the police in a double-dekar bus, and then never have her show up again. It's like the third law of weirdness magnets— never shall the doctor and a flying double-dekar buss pass within a decade and three hundred miles of each other without meeting. Can you tell I like typing "flying double-deckar bus"? Can you tell I can't spell "Decker"?

Anyway, those other things are kind of general and passive. Rose and the doctor go into detail explaining why noone would ever notice if the royal family were werewolves, though I would definitely not mind an episode about it. The end of Blink was just to freak people out, because it could, but if you think about it, statues are in places where people look at them. The middle of parks, fountains, the fronts of buildings. It implies that maybe some of them are unlucky Angels who got stuck in a place so populated that they're trapped forever. The Vashta Nerada (flesh-eating shadow things) were explained as mostly lurking in forests as scavengers, and that the library was really exceptional. Even there, not every shadow was dangerous. Which added to the scary, because it would be impossible to tell either way.
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quidf scire vis?
@Haven: That depends on whether they can get Lee Evans back to play him if they decide to bring the character back.

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Oh, one more left-hanging bit— At the end of "The Shakespere Code" queen Elizabeth chases the doctor out of the time period, shouting about how he's her sworn enemy. The Doctor says something like "I have no idea what that's about. Isn't time travel fun?" Which implies, obviously, that the doctor (probably the tenth, at that) will go back into elizabeth's past and get her royally pissed at him. Was that ever resolved?
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Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, K9, and the hypothetical Rose and Jenny spinoffs... I don't think there is much more room for Lady Christina and her flying bus in the doctor who fandom.

EDIT: I was looking through the doctor who news (I have a million things due and this is how I spend my time) and I found THIS I've never read Artimis Fowl so I don't know how to respond to the actual article but LOOK AT THE PICTURE PEOPLE! Amy pond is a Copper! A copper who drags a time-lord around by the tie! I hope this is a good representation of their whole relationship.

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