Zerg Rush / Comic Books

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  • The classic Batman story Knightfall involved Bane throwing villain after villain for Batman to defeat in order to wear him down both physically and mentally. This results in Batman being easy pickings for Bane who proceeds to deliver a No Holds Barred Beat Down to Bats, breaking his back.
  • In Krypton No More, Superman and Supergirl fight a warrior alien race called the J'ai whose favorite strategy is multiplying until they overwhelm their enemy by sheer force of numbers.
  • The final battle of The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers is the remaining Wreckers Zerg Rushing Overlord in a desperate last ditch attempt to take him down, not because they couldn't come up with a better strategy but simply because that was the only way they could hope to beat him. It still takes Ironfist blowing him apart from the inside and Impactor giving one last beatdown to finally put him down for good. Even then by the end of the fight Impactor, Verity Carlo, Ironfist, Kup, and Perceptor are the only Wreckers who aren't dead or horrifically wounded.
  • Dungeon Twilight The Big Bad simply throw a billion of conscripted soldiers at his enemies who can breath without his magic. Even though the heroes have a Badass Army of their own and fire power in an age of sword, they have to surrender after the first wave.
  • Captain America: In the Civil War issues, Steve mentions that most HYDRA mooks have no hand-to-hand combat training, and their strategy of choice is to overwhelm the opponent by sheer strength of numbers and weaponry. He also points out that this generally translates to no regard for human life.