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You Shall Not Pass: Web Original
  • Lovelace One Two:
    • In Part 12, after the androids murder Dean Forrester when she is about to call the police, Mr. Charlton tackles them to give Andi and Mr. Stone a chance to flee.
    • In Part 13, Mr. Stone pulls a bluff to draw them away from following Andi.
  • In To Boldly Flee the U.S.S. Exit Strategy has taken heavy damage in the climactic battle. Suddenly, Linkara appears in Comicron-1, parks his ship between the dueling ships and states, "Now they have something else to shoot at."
  • Parodied in The Nostalgia Critic during the "Son of the Mask" review.
    Santa Christ: YOU! SHALL NOT! PLAY!!!
  • In Achievement Hunter, Michael to Ray when he's on the verge of being shot to death. Followed immediately by Ray's moment of awesome.
    Michael: "Run, Ray, run! I'll hold them off! Run! Run! RUN!"
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