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You Shall Not Pass: Table Top Games
  • Lots and lots of Warhammer 40,000 fluff characters get scenes like this. Most notably, perhaps, Gaunt et al.
    • This can actually happen in a way in the actual game. Say you have a Chaos Predator declare Tank Shock on a squad of Veteran Guardsmen. They pass the morale check, then have the guy with the meltagun step in front of the speeding tank, and take a shot at it. If the shot hits, the tank slows to a halt in front of the heroic soldier. If the shot misses, though, what you have is affectionately known as "hamburger with a meltagun".
    • In older fluff, an Eldar warhost covered the escape of an Imperial contingent containing civilians from a horde of Tyranids. The Imperials managed to get away, but the Eldar were all killed.
  • In BattleTech when the Clans invaded, on the planet of Twycross, a single mechwarrior defended a huge chasm from the entire army of invaders. Of course, it helped that the entire canyon was rigged with explosives so that when his mech was destroyed, the whole thing collapsed and buried everybody.
  • To an extent, this is what the "defender" tactical role in the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons is all about. Classes that fit this niche (such as the fighter, paladin, or swordmage) are designed to be good at keeping the enemy's attention focused on themselves so that their companions can do their own stuff reasonably unmolested.
    • In fact, he utility power that the paladin's Champion of Order paragon path grants at 12th level is literally named "None Shall Pass". It powers up the character's divine challenge class ability for one encounter so that it affects two targets each time it is used, rather than just one as normal.
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