You Shall Not Pass: Fan Works

  • A Crown Of Stars: Declared in the Final Battle for Gendo of all people. The Big Bad is trying to annihilate them by bombarding them with dozens of missiles. Shinji and Asuka must fly across the Atlantic Ocean to destroy all missiles and the launch complex. Meanwhile Gendo spreads the Unit-01 energy barrier around the city they are protecting and swears he will hold the shield and defend the city.
  • Advice And Trust: Triumphantly declared by Rei towards Zeruel. Due to a monumental moment of stupidity on Gendo's part (he had fired Shinji and Asuka because they had won a battle by ignoring his orders) she is forced to fight it alone. Despite the massive power difference she makes her best to hold it back, and refuses to lie down, even though Zeruel was trashing her. Then Shinji and Asuka hijacked an Eva and came along to help her. Zeruel attacked them... And Rei went berserker and killed it.
  • I Did Not Want To Die by Kalash93 revolves around this trope, and it is simultaneously badass and heartbreaking.
  • Auggie says this to a Behemoth to protect an unconscious Luso in The Tainted Grimoire. He got interrupted by it's attack but succeeds anyway.
  • Inner Demons: When Rarity, Apple Bloom, and Spike are attempting to escape from the castle, they're confronted by Trixie, who attempts to take them back into custody. Rarity tells the others to run and holds off Trixie in an attempt to buy them time to escape, despite knowing full well that she can't take Trixie in a fight. Despite a power up from the Element of Generosity, Rarity is defeated and recaptured, but Spike and Apple Bloom escape.
    • During the Final Battle, the Royal Guard — led by Shining Armor and Cadence — fight any of Queen!Twilight's forces that make it out of the Gates of Tartarus, keeping them from attacking Ponyville.
  • Mimic's Dying Moment of Awesome in the Pony POV Series is built around this. During the "Origins" arc, it's shown that after Celestia and Luna first attempt to defeat Discord ended with him shattering the Rainbow of Light and killing Galaxia, Mimic held him off long enough for her daughters and their allies to escape. Naturally she dies, but in addition to ensuring their safety, she also becomes the first mortal to ever injure Discord in a fight.
  • The Hill of Swords has Shirou pulling these a couple of times. First against the 70,000 strong army of Albion, then against Myoznitnirn, her army of Alvises and Jomungard.
  • Friendship Is Aura: When Lucario and Luna enter the underworld to rescue Celestia, the Mane Six use the Elements of Harmony to raise a barrier around the Gates to prevent any more of Tartarus' Mooks from being released to wreck havoc.
  • The God Empress Of Ponykind: Icewind holds off Sombra's army long enough for Fell-Hoof to escape back to friendly territory. He gets killed in the process, but takes dozens of Sombra's minions with him.
  • In the Tamers Forever Series Beelzemon, MegaGargomon and SaberLeomon and SlashAngemon try to hold off Daemon while Rika, Renamon and the dying Takato escape to the Digital World.
  • In Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja, Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Hanabi and Temari are caught by Orochimaru while attempting to escape from his base. After Orochimaru reveals Naruto's secret to the girls, he realises he doesn't have to hide it any longer and, after his attempt to intimidate Orochimaru into backing off fails, he activates the Kyuubi power and tells Sakura to take the others and run while he holds Orochimaru off. He nearly dies, but is saved by the last-second intervention of Kakashi and Hinata.