Yandere / Opera

  • Don José, for Carmen - it starts with him going to jail for her - and keeping the flower she gave him the whole time. He comes back and joins her group, but he can't deal with how she flirts with other guys. He picks a knife fight with her new lover - a bullfighter - over her, and when she's sent him away for good, he meets her outside of the arena and kills her.
  • Donna Elvira for Don Giovanni. She gets better.
  • Brünhilde for Siegfried, in Goetterdaemmerung.
  • Canio from Pagliacci learns that his wife Nedda is cheating on him, and loses it. At first, the audience thinks he's giving a very emotional performance, but soon realize this is for real. Canio kills Nedda and Silvano and gives a Bond One-Liner.
  • Scarpia from Puccini's Tosca could count, seeing how he doesn't hesitate to endanger Floria Tosca's lover Mario Cavaradossi in order to get her to sleep with him.
  • Count di Luna is this towards Leonora in Verdi's Il trovatore. Not only is he furious about Leonora being in love with Manrico, but he chases them down and tries to kill Manrico in order to have Leonora to himself, only to realize that Manrico was his own brother. But by then, both Manrico and Leonora are already dead.
  • Prince Golaud from Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande becomes this way after his wife Mélisande falls in love with his half-brother Pélleas and has an affair with him.
  • Leos Janácek's opera Jenufa has Laca, who becomes angry with the titular character for loving his brother Steva and not him and even slashes her face in anger when she refuses to return his affections. This leads poor Jenufa to being abandoned by her fiancé, who dumped her in spite of being attacked by his own brother and hooking up with the pretty daughter of the mayor. Even more, Jenufa and Laca become a couple by the end.
  • There's also Barnaba from Ponchielli's La Gioconda, who lusts after the titular singer and tries to kill Gioconda's beloved mother and the lovers Laura and Enzo in order to get her, though he fails in killing the lovers thanks to Gioconda's help. However, Gioconda stabs herself before he can have his way with her.
  • Abigaille from Verdi's Nabucco is this to a T. She loves Ismaele, but Ismaele is in love with Fenena. Furious, Abigaille threatens to accuse Fenena of treason, but Ismaele refuses to do so, thus leading to Abigaille's plan for revenge.

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