YMMV / Zwartboek

  • Complete Monster: In a movie about the SS and anti-Nazi resistance in WW2, it's hard to pin down a single specific monster, but Dr. Hans Akkermans sent, for a cut of their worldly belongings, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Jews, resistance fighters, anti-Nazis, and just plain unfortunate people to their deaths at the hands of resident SS attache Franken. Through a ruse conducted as an escape to freedom, he and Van Gein secure safe passage for them into neutral or Allied territory, but step off before the boats leave, pledging to bring other refugees safe passage. Shortly after leaving the dock, the boats are machine-gunned by a Nazi patrol, their bodies looted, and the spoils divided between the conspirators. Towards the end of the movie, Akkermans begins to kill off the conspirators, at first appearing to have had a heroic attack of conscience, only to later reveal he just didn't wish to share the wealth. Later on, he tries to kill the female protagonist to silence her knowledge of the goings-on and hold onto his status as a war hero. She escapes, gives the evidence to the sole surviving resistance member, and they kill him before he can escape, but his reputation escapes intact for an indeterminate amount of time afterwards. He seems caring and respectable, but it was all an act which got innumerable amounts of people killed solely so he could steal their heirlooms and melt them or sell them for all they were worth.
  • Lawful Evil: General Käutner, who seemingly knows German and Canadian military law by heart and is willing to have Müntze executed for treason for no other reason than him having committed treason, even though the war is already over and he won't be profiting from it in any way.