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YMMV: Zero no Kiseki
  • Anticlimax Boss: In Zero the second fight with Garcia (as opposed to the rather harder first fight where he's a straight Climax Boss) who is alone and vulnerable to both debuffing and AT Delay, at a time when you have multiple spammable attacks that inflict that status. It Makes Sense in Context as Garcia was fighting against the effects of the Gnosis he was given
    • To a lesser extent, final boss Joachim is also this, at least by comparison to all the other final bosses in the series. The fact that he has a Post Final Boss segment after you beat him up fairly just adds to the humiliation.
  • Base Breaker: KeA.
    • Ao no Kiseki's ending in general is this.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The soundtrack is amazing (one would expect this given the game's pedigree), but Get Over the Barrier! Roaring Version stands out.
  • Fan Nickname: Kouryakuou Lloyd (lit. "Capture King Lloyd") for Lloyd
    • Raniki - Randy
    • Tiosuke - Tio. This one is actually Randy's in-universe nickname for her which fans have adopted.
  • Game Breaker: Lloyd and Randy's Combo Craft, Burning Rage. Especially the powered-up Burning Rage II. Better yet, Burning Rage III.
    • Tio's Zero Field, if activated when CP gauge is full, shields all party members from two attacks. There's a recipe that can refill 95 CP. You get the idea.
    • In Ao no Kiseki, Wazy Hemisphere hands down, once he rejoins and you get access to his S-Craft Akashic Arm. Easily one shots any boss you come across, and if they're still standing, you need very little in the way of preparing another shot to knock them down hard. All you need to watch is this. It doesn't help that there's a recipe which does two things: refills CP up to 100/200, or take your HP down to 1. And both benefits Wazy, once you figure out the right setup (which takes little effort, except for the winning all POM games).
    • It's possible to make Burst lasts forever by using Burst Orbs during Burst. Burst Orbs are farm-able. Do the math. Explanation - When in Burst, enemies won't attack your party. So it's possible to win any battle without them attacking you. And that's including the Final Boss, if you can execute Zero Field at the right time.
  • Ho Yay
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Lloyd. There's a reason why he's nicknamed as "Capture King Lloyd".
  • Marty Stu: A lot of fans view Lloyd as this. A skilled detective, about half of the major characters likes him, the other half praised his ability, almost always right in every arguments and never let his emotion gets the best of him, absolute determinator, and the list goes on.
  • Nightmare Fuel: You ever wonder why Renne and Tio have gold eyes? By the end of the game, you'll wish you'd never have found out.
    • What happened to the people of Crossbell who didn't have a chance to escape the barrier? And worse yet, Ouroboros was watching.
  • Shocking Swerve: The revelation that Ian is evil borders between brilliant and this.
  • That One Boss: Arianrhod, just like her student. What makes this fight especially fun is that If you look at the statistics, you'll assume it's another boss you don't actually have to beat to progress the story. It turns out that you do actually have to drop the boss down to 50% HP before your defeat will let you progress the plot. You're at a disadvantage of 25-30 levels, fighting a boss immune to all status conditions and debuffs and who has an S-Craft that is instant death. Reaching the minimum victory condition is difficult enough, actually winning for the DP bonus and EXP reward requires a very specific strategy, a lot of preparation and some luck.
    • Campanella as well, thanks to his mix of tricky abilities and his love of Teleport Spam

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