YMMV / Yumekui Merry

  • Angst? What Angst?: Although whether he actually believes him so far is unclear, Yumeji's reaction to Hercules revealing that they are brothers is pretty nonchalant.
    • Well, he did have prior warning and time to think it over.
      • Plus, it helps that Heracles was not speaking literally when he called Yumeji his brother. He was referring to Yumeji as his brother because he was alluding to the fact that the source of their powers, and thus energy "signature", were the same.
  • Awesome Music: "Daydream Syndrome", the anime's opening song, is pretty awesome.
  • Complete Monster: The anime-exclusive "Mystleteinn"/"Mistleteinn"/"Mistilteinn" Treesea is a vicious dream demon who has a knack of torturing other dream demons for fun before finishing them off and eat them. Prior to the main story, she slaughtered Lestion's companions in the battlefield when they're trying to capture her. After meeting with the equally-sadistic Ryota Ijima, who has the plan to ruin other people's dreams, Treesea then happily executes said plans by trying to implant other Dream Demons on innocent students, including Yumeji's friend Isana, and then slaughters them. As a result, the students become emotionless and apathetic towards their own goals and their future. When she was confronted by Merry and Yumeji when trying to ruin Isana's dream. Treesea imprisons Isana in an orb of water and then taunted Merry by wearing her hat. Treesea then wraps up Isana's dream demon with her chains and then puts him near Isana's heart so that she could make a human skewer after piercing both of them. In the final battle, Treesea pierces another dream demon, Engi, in her hip-area with a large thorn, and then imprisons Merry in a white rosebud called "The Bud of Despair" so that Merry could be destroyed by her own sorrow. After Chizuru and Lestion performs a Heroic Sacrifice, Treesea mocked the emotionless and empty Chizuru about the sacrifice that doesn't bear a fruit. In the last-ditch effort before getting beaten by Engi and Merry, she then swallows Isana's dream demon and taunts both of them that they will also kill Isana's dream when they kill her. Lestion said it the best, that she was formed in a deepest pits of hell and she took every enjoyment in what she did.
  • Crazy Awesome: John Doe's cat army. when fighting Heracles, they shoot cannonballs attached to steel cables to lock his arms, then surf them down while gunning him. You can't get much more crazy than that.
  • Funny Moments: Seen here.
  • Epileptic Trees: At the very beginning of the manga we see a young Yumeji leading a girl his age through a nightmarish-looking place, telling her that he'll definitely find a way back home. They then reach a door but all we see after Yumeji opens it is his shocked expression. The girl he was leading had the exact same hairstyle, clothes, and hat as Merry, though we can't see her ears or eyes. Isana also mentioned that she felt as if she knew Merry before in the manga. Finally, there's a spread in the fourth volume that has human characters on one side, dream demons on the other. Merry's on both, and she has human eyes and ears on the human side.
  • Fan Nickname: John Bro.
  • Fridge Logic: So the Dream Demons under Hercules want to take over the world by possessing all the humans. However, because it's impossible to take over a host full time, that plan can't really work. John actually calls this out and wonders if there's something more to Hercules' game.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Hercules. He's clearly scheming something much more well thought-out than just supplanting the humans.
    • He wants to create a world where Dream Demons can physically exist without vessels.
  • Moe: Yui and Merry.
  • Nightmare Fuel: It's a series about dreams, so this is natch.
  • Villain Sue: anime-only Big Bad Mistilteinn Treesea. John Doe says that even Heracles (the real Big Bad of the series) recognizes her power, she is almost invincible and has no real motivation for what she does.
    • Ironically, Hercules is only a Disc-One Final Boss so his 'acknowledgment' doesn't actually mean a whole lot.
  • The Woobie:
    • Lost in a world she knows she doesn't belong with, no memories of her home and no way to get back... yeah, Merry qualifies.
    • The anime only character, Chizuru Kawanami, also qualifies. She lost her parents in her younger days and as a result, she is unable to trust anyone and isolated herself from them. Not only that, she throws away her hopes and dreams and thus ended up becoming a vessel of a Dream Demon. When she pulled a heroic sacrifice with her dream demon, she then proceeds to lost her memories......Poor girl, she needs a hug

Alternative Title(s): Dream Eater Merry