YMMV: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door

  • Cry for the Devil: In Redux, Stan, Francesca and Andy find out from Rudwilla why she became the Shadow Queen. Later when the Shadow Queen tells them how, Andy tries to reason with her only for him to be brushed off by the Queen when she admits that she doesn't regret her decision.
    Andy: And decided not to stop there, I take it, Iris, it wasn't their fault for what happened to your brothers…
    Iris: Oh, spare me! Like I've never heard that before, the old 'it didn't have to happen the way it did' routine. Let me tell you something, Andy… Maybe it could have turned out differently… But I like how I am. I never regretted the deal I made with Graz'zt for one minute, not even during the eight months of horrid pain I spent at that facility. I actually liked the pain after about a week, and the pain made me feel power, which I liked even more… I still like it! Love it, in fact.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The author has stated that the Queen's murder of Count Bleck was supposed to symbolize the point where she crossed this line, at least in the present day. (Andy's angry reaction to it was supposed to express it as such.)