YMMV / Yu-Gi-Oh! R

  • Nightmare Fuel / Squick:
    • Yako's desire to resurrect Pegasus in Anzu's body.
    • Yako's face deformations could also count as Nightmare Fuel, as well as his Eye Scream scene.
    • At the end of Seto Kaiba's duel with Yakou, Seto has a vision of a shadowy Blue-Eyes White Dragon roaring at him in a scene rather reminiscent of the first penalty game that Yami had inflicted upon him so long ago...
  • One-Scene Wonder: For all the hype the Evil Gods get about being dark counterparts to the Egyptian Gods, the latter barely ever appear in series, making their rare appearances this. Slifer gets subjected to the Worf Effect, but returns to absolutely flatten Cedar Mill in a single panel (well, the title panel), and it is awesome. Ra also gets a Hope Spot before fading away, but it's worth it for the brief Oh Crap! moment it gave Yako. And Obelisk? It finally shows up during the final duel with Yako, gets powered up to match it on the divine hierachy, (and getting a sweet new look at the same time) and then both Gods destroy each other quite epically.
  • Tear Jerker: Seeing Yami in despair, watching Anzu's soul fade away as they reach out to each other, is not easy on the heart. Gekko knows it too, and despite not knowing him for as long, the reader has to sympathize with him after seeing him in a raw state of emotion, despite being composed for most of the series.