YMMV / Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever

  • Ass Pull: The protagonists tend to get just the cards they need, right when they need them.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Regina Brissett; in fact, when she's first introduced with the other Zodiacs, the establishing shot the text gives of her is to emphasize her Most Common Superpower. Zander is a male variant of the trope, catching the eye of two girls in his introductory chapter.
  • Fan Nickname: "Golden Boy," given to Yugo by reviewers.
  • Foe Yay: Between Seta and Zander, mostly on the latter's part.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A character named Yugo actually shows up in Yu Gi Oh ARCV.
  • Les Yay: Between Blaze and Vivian, and it's the reason Blaze Cannot Spit It Out to Wade at first.
  • Moral Event Horizon: A number of examples abound throughout the story.
    • Malachi Jordan is an odd case. He would have arguably crossed the line with how he tortured Raven Pegasus during their duel in the Intercontinental tournament arc; however, in his defense, he was Ax-Crazy and had a Dark and Troubled Past and, following his Heel–Face Turn, has since become The Atoner.
    • Keisuke Odachi played the trope straight in the back-story by orchestrating Rebecca Muto’s death, and by extension the deaths of Ishizu and of Raven and Honey’s biological parents, in a plane crash in a bid to make Yugi suffer great loss and pain all because Rebecca, who he had feelings for, got pregnant for Yugi.
    • Abel Drake's was slaying Malachi and Miriam's mother in front of their eyes, stealing the woman's soul to power Zorc Necrophades' resurrection, and then brainwashing the two to serve his bidding.
    • Jude Lassiter crosses the MEH in a big way: by brainwashing Grandma Muto and using her in an attempt to butcher Yugo inside his own house.
    • Zander crosses this when he knocks an unconscious Kyo off the side of the liner at the end of their duel.
    • In Chapter 231, when Stephen and Kyo meet up to duel each other, Stephen threatens all sorts of violence to Kyo in revenge for beating his face in with a crowbar when they were in high school together. Kyo’s unfazed, noting that Stephen, a bully at the time, had it coming. Then Stephen hints that after he defeats Kyo, he’s going to have... "fun" with Miki and force Kyo to watch. The language he uses suggests that it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done such a thing, either, which means he’s crossed the MEH off-page already.
    Stephen Ingram: I especially love it when they struggle. It becomes more...gratifying that way.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: At least one reviewer complained that Kyo and Miki’s relationship was the result of this.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The story was rated T on the site for a reason.