YMMV / Young Merlin

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: One of the goblins guarding a log near the beginning of the game, challenges Merlin to cross a line, backs up, does it again, then splits. It's obvious the goblin's acting tough, but is clearly afraid of the blonde pretty boy.
    • To a lesser extent (and annoyingly), any time a goblin kicks you in the shins because you're in the way.
  • Game-Breaker: Thunder which destroys virtually anything on-screen, though you lose it a bit later after you get it. The Torch is also this to a lesser degree. Plus, equip the Hourglass with any other weapon and you're practically unstoppable. A glitch in the Comb item also causes some weird invulnerability too.
  • That One Level: The minecart levels. There are three!
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Oh those freaky souless faces... Merlin, the wizard, and the Shadow King are prime examples.
    • Apparently, the devs couldn't help putting laugh lines on every human character, but because of the low resolution, said characters end up looking quite chubby in the face.