YMMV / Yet again

  • Broken Base: While Yet Again is well loved for the humor it shows from time to time, the God Mode Sue-ish Oogakari are rather frowned upon by critically inclined Naruto fans.
  • Crazy Awesome: Do you have to ask?
    • Beyond the Oogakari, Naruto has started to seriously embody this trope in later chapters.
    • For the Academy students, Naruto was undoubtedly the most Crazy Awesome instructor they ever had, and he was less than two years its graduate.
    Long after the war with Madara ended, the Academy still raved about the week that Naruto Uzumaki taught while wearing the Hokage's Hat.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: At least a handful per chapter! See the crowning page for examples.
  • Crossover: Mostly in the powers of the Oogakari clan, but Scabbard is training Tenten in a trick or two...
    • Also: Scabbard, by demand from the rest of his family, requests that Deidara make a clay explosive in the shape of a Prinny. It suddenly comes to life, rants about Etna's mistreatment, overtly mistakes Deidara for a girl, and is promptly blown up by the enraged explosives user, much to Sasori's amusement.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In addition to the many warm and fuzzy FUZZEH Naruto and Hinata moments...
    • Naruto arriving home to see dozens of birthday presents at his door with cards that say, "Sorry."
      Sasuke: Your mouth is a mysterious thing, Jiraiya. I'd tell you to stop talking, but so far it's been working in the dobe's favor, and I like him more than you.
    • Earlier, Naruto couldn't help tearing up when all of his friends threw together an unforgettable birthday bash during the Kyubi festival.
    "Only you, dobe... only you... thanks..."
    • Sakura thinks Sasuke's guilty face is DEFINITELY this mixed with a bit of Moe, so much that she begins planning her next few near-death experiences in advance just to see it again.
    • Any of Waltz's encounters with Hanabi.
    • Implied to be this when post-chainlink Shikamaru is reunited with post-chainlink Asuma. They took a page out of Gai and Lee's book.
  • Cult: The Running Gag of Konoha's respect for the Ninja Log just gets creepier and funnier over time.
    "You three are very fortunate that I am well practiced in forgetting concerning moments like these." Waltz sweatdropped.
    • Kakashi... well... yeah. YEAH.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Zabuza comes off as a bit noble when the reason for the massacre of his entire class and his later treason are explained. The jinchuuriki and future Mizukage, Yagura was his best friend. He killed the class for bullying Yagura, and he later rebelled against Kiri because he knew someone had to be controlling his friend. This makes it all the easier to root for Zabuza when he goes after Kisame with a vengeance.
    • Even more so when he ruefully regards the unconscious Sanbi and remembers his late friend.
  • Fanon: The "clans made up of the Rookie 9's families" and "lunatic civilian" village councils, abusive mobs & jerk shopkeepers, Naruto kicked out of an orphanage, Iwa as Minato's unnamed enemies that would kill Naruto, and kinky/crazy Anko all have a part to play. So does the whole dobe/teme thing, "the Rookie 12," Lee & Gai's sunset "genjutsu," Yugito's cattish ways, Itachi's love of Pocky, and everyone but Naruto knowing that Hinata liked him.
    • Also, the role of triple elemental chakra manipulation and the use of a different "cover story" element involved in the Hyuuga's Gentle Fist style.
    • Tsunade's assault rate. And her recent reinforcement of her office walls to avoid repair costs.
    • Jiraya's rate of getting caught peeping.
    • At every five minutes someone is pointing out how weird Gai and Lee's Big Ol' Eyebrows are.
    • Iwa's Bloodthirsty grudge on anything that is even suspected to be related Minato. Averted with Onoki though.
    • In one example stemming from the audience, a poll had Haku revealed as a girl. Apparently, she was actually lying about her gender to try and distance herself from Naruto the first time around.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The author's incredibly inventive use of existing jutsus and concepts to give the characters incredible powerups. Examples include:
    • Hinata, having excellent Chakra Control, learning the Rasengan and applying its steps to new Gentle Fist moves.
    • Chouji's combination of bouncing, Jiraiya's needle hair, and a simple impact shockwave technique. Which also turns him into Sonicthe Hedgehog.
    • Shino training with Gai to be effective at all ranges.
    • Lee learning silent killing techniques since they don't require chakra.
    • Hana combining elemental composition with Inuzuka clan techniques.
    • Using the Seventh Sense as an anchor for Nature energy, theoretically allowing unlimited Senjutsu usage.
    • Shadow's perspective on the nature of Creation and Shikamaru's shadow powers, which lead him to match Gaara in a straight-on confrontation.
    • Combining the Seventh Sense and the Replacement technique with Naruto's endless supply of shadow clones to invent a reincarnation of Hiraishin.
    • The key to never requiring a bra, on and off the field, is chakra control. Tsunade has the Super Strength to prove it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Teuchi's first meeting with Naruto may be a complete TearJerker, but come, the Naruto Hiden light novel series, and it revealed that their meeting turned out almost the same!
  • Narm: Sasuke calling Naruto a dobe (dead last) all the time tends to kill serious moments.
    • Tenten's last name, Higurashi. Her father handles the equipment distribution within Konoha and has been involved rather directly with Scabbard's plans and business ventures.
    • Zabuza butchering his class in Kiri because they were beating up on Yagura. Also, their nickname for the Sanbi, "Shelly."
    • Yugito has her common cat-like behavior and dislike of dogs.
  • Fetish: Naruto will get fox ears and a fuzzy tail whether he wants them or not, thanks to Shadow. Hinata approves.
  • Fridge Logic: Since EVERYONE seems to know about Hinata's crush on Naruto. Why did the villagers confront Naruto at the finals on Hinata's behalf?
    • Stupid people maybe? When it comes to stuff like this, stupid people is actually a viable answer.
    • Common Fanon logic, but WHAT THE FUCK was Hiruzen doing when Naruto was attacked all those times.
  • Moe: Scabbard hates it. Beyond all reason, now that we finally see Scabbard's breakdown in Chapter 61.
    "The squealing… the costumes… no more lace… please keep the cat ears away…"
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Ghost makes sure before taunting Orochimaru as a boy-loving pedophile that he's not actually gay, because he doesn't feel comfortable about taunting a man for being gay who actually is gay (ignoring the age issue for a moment). Once Orochimaru declares that he has no interest in sex at all, then Ghost feels free to rip on him.
    • May come off as an Author's Saving Throw since he'd already been mocking him behind his back about it.
    • Shadow telling Kakashi to get over his father and Obito and move on with his life.
  • Tear Jerker: Teuchi's tale of how he met Naruto tugs at the heartstrings to the point of cardiac tearing. If viewed from the point of an unbiased citizen going about their life, such a situation could be no less than heartbreaking.
    • Sasuke asking the Third about what happened the night his family died. The moment when he starts crying again, perhaps the first time since the Massacre itself, is heartbreaking, and it hammers in the fact that he is a thirteen-year-old boy who just wants to make some sense out of the greatest tragedy in his life.
    "I'm tired of seeing their faces when I fall asleep! What really happened to my family?"
    • The above example goes further when the Third quietly points out the oft-overlooked fact that the Masked Man didn't only hurt Naruto and Sasuke's families—he also killed the Third's wife to get to Kushina.
  • Villain Decay: Happens quite drastically, given the nature of the fic. Orochimaru and Danzo are two obvious examples.
    • Subverted in that the Akatsuki both are still regarded as a serious threat and some of them will soon be siding with (or most likely under) the Oogakari.
    • Kisame himself is regarded as one of the worst opponents for Naruto and even Ghost to fight against. WHY? Because of the SEVENTH SENSE.
  • The Woobie: Hanabi. Admit it. Her struggles and tears over trying to make friends are just ADORABLE.