YMMV / Yesterday

  • Complete Monster: Henry White is the antagonist of the decades-long story. A Serial Killer of homeless people as a teenager, Henry discovered that one of them was immortal after failing to kill him like the others. Spending two years torturing the man, later named John, for fun, Henry began lusting after the man's immortality, and to this end, began researching the Satanic rituals used to make him immortal. After taking over his father's business as CEO of White Enterprises, Henry uses his likable philanthropist persona as a mask to hide the fact that he is kidnapping, torturing, and murdering vagrants by the dozens in satanic rituals in an attempt to replicate John's immortality. When an initially amnesiac John remembers the ritual for living forever, Henry fatally shoots the man's girlfriend, Pauline, to force him to perform the ritual to save her life, and, when John finishes the rite, Henry happily executes two of his most loyal henchmen, one of which was his best friend since high school, after they realize he plans to keep the immortality ability all to himself. After gaining immortality along with Pauline, Henry, dangling from a cliff, begins begging John to pull him up, and, in the event John spares him, Henry stabs him in the back before burying him alive and revealing he plans to use the now-immortal Pauline as his own personal torture toy for all eternity. A cheerful psychopath who enjoys his own homicidal tendencies, Henry White was willing to betray, torture, and murder dozens of innocents, and even his own best friend, for eternal life, and his own sick amusement.
  • Critical Research Failure: An Indian yogi who fights with a katana? Really?
  • Ho Yay: Henry towards John Yesterday.
    John: What have you done to me, Henry?
    Henry: Everything imaginable. Can you be a little more specific?
  • Porting Disaster: The phone version. When playing it on smaller devices, you may want to be careful if you have big thumbs. While the game does thankfully tell you everything you can interact with, there are parts where it's clustered together, or the screen does not recognize where your large thumb touched. Outside of this minor issue, it is quite a solid port of a Point And Click Adventure Game.
  • Strangled by the Red String: John and Pauline. Possibly justified in that the player sort of joins In Medias Res to their romance. However, even then, most of the romance we are told about.