• Alternate Company Equivalent: Ignoring the obvious comparisons with Nickelodeon, Disney XD shares a lot in common with YTV. Most of the shows on both networks have the same target audience of boys, whereas the mothership Nickelodeon channel airs shows that appeal to kids, tweens, and even adults. In YTV's case, this is mostly due to Network Decay.
  • Animation Age Ghetto: The screwing over of Bionix is blamed for the total absence of mature Anime series on Canadian specialty channels. note  Meanwhile, most of YTV's recent original cartoons were NOT popular with American viewers nor Canadians.
  • Dork Age: Depending on who you ask, YTV has been in one since 2010. On top of all the issues associated with Nickelodeon's own Dork Age, most of YTV's output is seen as generic, derivative of other shows, or outright juvenile to older viewers. Even the more tolerable shows weren't as popular as the more despised shows.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: If it's a cartoon aimed at girls, you can expect YTV to only air that show on Sunday mornings with little-to-no promotion, among other forms of screwing. Winx Club was mostly aired on Sunday mornings before it was moved to Nick Canada.
  • Network Decay: Much like Nickelodeon, YTV has been accused of pandering to its target audience of kids at the expense of older viewers. To be fair, much like what happened to Teletoon, Corus had since launched numerous networks that each catered to a specific portion of YTV's general audience. Their morning preschool block was abandoned in favor of Treehouse TV and the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon Canada, the Canadian version of CMT shifted towards family-oriented sitcoms and reality shows (a direct case of its own decay), and ABC Spark (the Canadian version of Freeform) is aimed at the same older crowd that YTV used to target in the evenings with Teen Dramas, thus leaving YTV to focus solely on the 6-12 audience.