YMMV / Xenonauts

  • A Winner Is You: The ending is just a single splash panel of world leaders celebrating victory. Even the original X-COM for DOS, working on more limited resources, had several of them, telling an actual story.
    • After version 1.5, there is a long and detailed description of what happens: All alien captives fall into a coma, and your military advisor tells you that you should neither turn over your equipment to the United States, nor the Soviet Union, but to unite a new Earth free from prejudice and broken political systems.
  • Broken Base:
    • Are the graphics unacceptably bland for a 2010s game, or is their plainness and simplicity the very thing that makes them appealing compared to the flash of XCOM: Enemy Unknown?
    • Was it right to leave out psionics and the Blaster Launcher?
      • Blaster Launcher still exists, albeit weighing a whooping 50kg, using an incredibly rare alien engine, and 500000$, making it unable to be used by anyone except soldiers in power armor with a huge bank account. And is useless.
    • Mechanical fidelity to the original is one of the selling points, but some think it's too faithful, With This Herring and all.
  • Demonic Spiders: Reapers. They can move absurdly far, have a One-Hit Kill attack that creates another Reaper from its victim, and almost always come in large numbers. If you don't run them down quick on terror missions, you'll be facing a Zombie Apocalypse in no time flat.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • Considering that the timeline starts in the middle of the Cold War, where resources are usually scarce and trying to be accepted by both sides of the world from Communism to Capitalism is what the Xenonauts start off with, it's likely the case why funding was quite low during the beginning of the game.
    • While the Rocket Launcher stays in regular condition, its rockets evolve along with the technology as the player progresses, from regular explosives to alienated chemicals to plasma blasts, the existence of Blaster Launcher may no longer be needed.
    • Again, Cold War, which leaves the ideas of powerful mech units for players behind... to replace them by Powered Armor with an active inventory, providing the soldiers greater versatility than X-Com would have provided.
  • Good Bad Bugs: If you leave an injured soldier in your base to recuperate, it will take many days. However, sending him or her into battle again and using a simple medikit fixes the problem instantly.
    • Now no longer in play as of v22 Experimental 5, as sending troops out wounded now caps their maximum HP during the fight.
    • It used to be possible to have soldiers Dual Wield...shields, who could still throw grenades and smash aliens with kicks while doing so. Not a Stone Wall to be laughed at.
  • Memetic Badass: Josh Eales. Because of an RNG bug, this name was always in the starting party of every new game. Now he even has his own Steam card.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The decision to tie the game's backstory into the Cold War was an inspired design choice, and one that could have provided a justification for giving the player a more in-depth and nuanced "diplomacy" system where the player would have to tread carefully between two superpowers who, despite the imminent threat of alien invasion, are almost more paranoid of one another than they are of the aliens and would undoubtedly see the Xenonaut program as yet another prize to fight over for global prestige. Exactly none of this ends up being relevant to the game itself, however, which generally plays like a standard X-COM clone.