YMMV / Xcalibur

  • Complete Monster:
    • Kwodahn is the demonic mastermind of all evil in the story. Originally a Shogi Monk who turned evil to gain power, Kwodahn began bargaining with potential villains and evildoers to fully back their plans in exchange for their souls. Allying himself with the depraved Prince Bragan, Kwodahn uses every trick up his sleeve to ensure Bragan's rise to power and the elimination of all his foes. Kwodahn's crimes range from granting Bragan armies of demons he uses to slaughter opposing armies, to unleashing a soul-devouring demon onto a province, to later trying to turn an entire city into statue-like zombies. His evil not limited to mass murder and corruption, Kwodahn once sought the sword of Excalibur, and, when the noble Prince Erwann refused his request, Kwodahn first tried to kidnap the man's infant daughter, before settling for murdering his wife for rejecting him. When Bragan is beaten and all their plans ousted, Kwodahn murders Bragan then tries to corrupt and turn the young Arthus into becoming his new servant, before finally flying into a rage and unleashing his forces onto the entire kingdom with orders to kill every living thing they come across.
    • Prince Bragan is the brutal, sociopathic Regent of the kingdom who rose to power thanks to allying with the aforementioned Kwodahn. Murdering his own brother, King Erwann, to ascend to Regent, Bragan immediately begins manipulating his child nephew Arthus into becoming nothing more than a figurehead, while Bragan rules the kingdom with an iron fist. Driving villages to starvation, massacring entire temples, and torturing his foes being regular atrocities of Bragan's, he also frames Prince Edwin and his daughter, Djana, for murdering King Edwin, and constantly tries to execute Djana and her friends in various cruel methods, along with many attempts at slaughtering entire villages they have taken up residence in. Once failing to poison Arthus and claim the throne for himself, Bragan eventually hands Arthus to Kwodahn to with as he pleases, before trying to strike down his partner for ditching him in exchange for Arthus.