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YMMV: Xbox One

  • Accidental Innuendo: During the E3 2013 presentation, a male gamer was playing Killer Instinct against a female gamer. When it was apparent that she was on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle, he quipped "just let it happen, it'll be over soon". What was meant to be a Badass Boast ended up sounding like an accidental joke about rape, which didn't settle well with many viewers.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Let's just say that you'll see a lot of veteran Xbox users telling Microsoft they'll jump to the PlayStation 4 instead.
  • Audience Shift: Towards casual gamers and people looking for a home media center. The first TV ad for Xbox One focuses on NFL and Skype, while Phil Spencer has said Microsoft wants people to be able to just go out and pick up an Xbox One from stores, even if that means fewer consoles available for pre-order.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After a few months of bad press, Microsoft decided to abandon their initial used game policy with the Xbox One and the mandatory daily Internet check-ins. Whether or not this heals the broken base for winning back the crowd remains to be seen, especially considering you still need a Day One Patch to use the features. If you don't have decent access to the internet to do so, then it sadly changes nothing.
    • Making Kinect optional and letting Xbox One run without it even attached: Privacy concerns and Microsoft's involvement with the NSA spying program made the always-on Kinect very unpopular.
    • And now it seems like they've openly admitted that they're planning on reimplementing the original "advantages" at some point, potentially making this saving throw pointless.
    • It's up for grabs if this is one, but when word spread out that the BD drive in some small percentage of units were not working (you could still use the system, just not the BD drive), Microsoft offered a free game along with a replacement console. Possibly as a jab in Sony's face when all they offered for DOA consoles (that don't work at all) was just a replacement.
  • Base Breaker: Has fractured Xbox fans between those who like the improved multimedia features, those who just don't care, and those who think the focus on multimedia is unforgivable regardless of games lineup. In fact, the phrase "I want PS4 instead" has cropped up with increasing frequency.
  • Broken Base: With the backpedaling on Microsoft's DRM policies, fans are now divided between:
    • Those who have forgiven Microsoft and are relieved they can now get an Xbox One with little worry.
    • Fans who can no longer trust Microsoft for even thinking of adding in these DRM policies and consider it too little too late. The majority believing they would have never considered changing them if it wasn't for the massive amount of backlash and it's potential financial damage. They also fear that Microsoft could quite easily reimplement these features with a patch, whenever they feel like it.
    • Any unlucky fans without access to the Internet to get the "Day One Patch", thus unable to disable all of its now abandoned features, means the Xbox One is no longer an option for them.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Depending on your view, Microsoft acknowledging their numerous angry fans and reversing their anti-consumer policies is this. Though the fact it took virtually all their fans and even Sony making fun of them just to do so arguably makes it more an awesome moment for gamers than Microsoft.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Team Xbox congratulating Sony on the PS4's debut.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Many fans considered the Call of Duty: Ghosts dog the most interesting thing about the Xbox One reveal event.
  • Follow the Leader: Leaks after the initial reveal claimed that Microsoft was trying to imitate Steam with the always-online policies and used-game restrictions.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Remember the backdraft that was caused when one of Microsoft's employee's told the people who were complaining about the rumor of the new Xbox console being online only to "deal with it"? Yeah. It became less of a snarky comment and more of a solemn warning.
    • Phil Spencer's comments about how Microsoft wanted Xbox Ones available in-store, without preorders, became this when it turns out that about 900,000 Xbox Ones were sitting on store shelves at the end of 2013.
    • Microsoft decided to keep the unified main memory with a small bit of eDRAM similar to how the Xbox 360 was setup. The thought was "well, the 360 was the easiest system to develop for, why not keep it?". This came to bite them in the ass when they realized developers were annoyed that they have to keep track of two memory pools. The 360 was probably "easiest" because the PS3 was inherently a pain-in-the-ass system to work on.
  • Hate Dumb: Turned up to eleven.
    • A petition was launched at to bring back the original DRM policies. Among the supporters? People who make it painfully obvious they signed the petition just to make sure Microsoft comes crashing down. A quick glance at some of the comments will show you a huge amount of signatures were rather blatant take thats.
    • It is common for a YouTube video that supports the Xbox One (indicated by the title, and even if the video also makes positive notes about the PS4) to receive a dislike even though it hasn't started loading yet.
    • Claims that if a certain new policy is instated on the Xbox One that angers the public, the same policy for the PS4 would be met with approval. note 
  • History Repeats: For the second generation in a row, PlayStation exclusives are leaning towards action-adventure, while Xbox is turning into a magnet for shooters.
    • Inverted and played straight: Xbox One had a messy reveal and lead-up to launch, is generally agreed to be a bit weaker and harder to code for than PS4, and has extra multimedia features that haven't (yet) justified the $100 higher price tag. Sound familiar? That's what happened to PS3 in 2005-2007.
  • Internet Backdraft: A number of rumors about the system, as well as some of the planned features, tend to enrage the world wide web. Let's try to leave it at that.
    • VP of Microsoft stating you'll have to pay a fee equivalent to retail price to play a used game.
    • The fact that you're only allowed to trade in games at "select retailers". Even worse considering that many have actually shut down due to terrible business.
    • It needs to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours to validate games.note 
    • Needs a Kinect hooked up to function.note  This has led to quite a few users saying that Microsoft is moving towards a 1984 style spying system.
    • Not backwards compatible with 360. Made even worse when they stated "If you want backwards compatible, you're really backwards." This prematurely cuts off the life expectancy of games released as late as about a year or as recently as one month before launch, such as Halo 4, Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
    • Planned use of cloud computing to improve the graphics and performance of games.note 
    • Conflicting press releases and interviews regarding console features.
    • The reveal focusing on male "dad" gamers over female gamers and other major gaming demographics.
    • Rumors you're only allowed to watch a movie with 4 people (which it will be able to detect with the Kinect), or the Xbox will charge you an additional licensing fee. This rumor actually went far back to even before Xbox One was revealed. Judging from a recently filed patent application from Microsoft, the people spreading these rumors may have been Properly Paranoid.
    • Rumors Microsoft bribed both third party developers and Spike TV in an attempt to reduce publicity for the PS4.
    • Xbox One only launching in 21 countries worldwidenote , excluding parts of Europenote  and all of East Asianote . Xbox One Live is set up so that players outside these countries can't play online or set up the Day One Update.
      • And now it's been downgraded to 13 countries, with Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland also getting the ax.
    • The inability to import consoles or games due to the online requirements and Region Coding. A now-retracted opinion piece referred to these policies and the Kinect's potential for spyingnote  as a "sin against all service members".
    • Rumors Microsoft employees were paid to haunt Nintendo's Best Buy E3 shows as damage control to try to talk people into getting an Xbox One instead of potentially buying a Wii U.
    • Don Mattrick's controversial statement that if gamers don't have (or want) 24/7 Internet connection with the Xbox One, they should just stick to the Xbox 360.
    • Xbox Live Gold being mandatory for many of the features shown at the premiere (Skype, fantasy football, many of the NFL features), as well as Game DVR (which is free on PS4).
    • The complete lack of video games from the first TV ad.
    • In Europe, there was a lot of backdraft over compatibility issues with Xbox One's multimedia features: European broadcast TV typically displays at 50 frames/second while the Xbox One's pass-through is hardwired to run at the American 60 fps standard, causing a notable stutter in the broadcast.
    • The revelation that Microsoft's "3.9 million sold" figure really meant "3.9 million shipped to retailers", and the number purchased was more like 3 million.
  • Irony: Sony will be making a profit on Xbox One from day one, since they get royalties on the Blu-Ray drives & discs used in the console.
  • Memetic Molester: Because the Kinect has to remain connected to the Xbox One at all times, whether you're using it or not, it can record your every move. The system has quickly gained this reputation because of this. It does not help that Microsoft expects that the console is in the bedroom. It also doesn't help further that several people are shitting their pants (admittedly not without good reason) over the whole NSA controversy.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Deal with it" in response to a Microsoft employee telling people this in regards to the rumor that Xbox One would require an internet connection to function.
    • Xbox, go home (you're drunk).note 
    • Anything relating to water coolers and how the Xbox One will be one.note 
    • The score is as follows: PlayStation: 4, Xbox: 1.
    • The PlayStation has hurt the Xbox! Wii U!!! Wii U!!! Wii U!!!note 
    • "This is rocket science level stuff!"note 
    • "One" puns and rhymes.
    • Microsoft went 359 steps back.
    • Ensemble Darkhorse Dog in the Call of Duty: Ghosts section of the reveal event.
    • Several jokes based on how the console looks like a VCR (all Xbox One games will be in VHS format, etc.).
    • Sports... TV... Call of Duty.
    • The Fish AI being lauded as the latest in "Next-Gen".note 
    • Xbox One will sell over one billion!note 
    • Just let it happen, it'll be over soon.note 
    • Jimmy Fallon saved video games!note 
    • Any time a YouTube user claims their own real name is either "Adam Orth" or "Don Mattrick" for the purpose of making fun of the real one.
    • "Reassurance topic!"note 
  • Misaimed Marketing: Some gamers have criticized Microsoft for touting the Xbox One's media features at the expense of gaming.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: When the Xbox One was first announced, it was universally loathed by everyone. In less than 24 hour of its launch day, the Xbox One has already sold more than 1 million consoles making it the biggest launch in Xbox history. Though that was worldwide where as PS 4 met that number just in the United States.
  • Not So Different: After the Kinect was made optional in August 2013, the Xbox One and PS4 are very similar when it comes to hardware, online services, and content partnerships.
  • Older Than They Think: During the reveal, the Call of Duty team talked about how they could make fish swim away from you if you got close enough, heralding it as "Next Gen Technology".
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: By the PS4. Microsoft's attempts to regain their footing with their E3 2013 presentations were undercut by Sony's own presentation the next day. Even after Microsoft backtracked on DRM and online requirements, online audiences are generally skeptical that Xbox One can match PS4 in processing power or games lineup.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
  • Poe's Law: This petition to bring back Xbox One's original DRM & always-online policies. It's not clear whether the petition's author actually supports the original Xbox One concept, or is just ripping on people who do. Ditto for the signatures-even some of the negative comments could just be satirizing the Internet Backdraft.
  • Read The Fine Print: Almost none of the features in Xbox One's first TV ad are available without Xbox Live Gold.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Adam Orth and Don Mattrick get most of the hate for Xbox One's controversial policies & features.
  • Skewed Priorities: Prioritizing multimedia over gaming.
    • For whatever reason, Microsoft decided to launch the console in 2013 in Brazil, where the price tag and required online for the day-one update put it out of reach for many gamers, while making Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Scandinavia and parts of Central Europe wait until 2014.
  • Snark Bait: Bordering on Love to Hate on parts of the Internet.
  • So Okay, It's Average: During the presentation, the Xbox One received only a lukewarm reception from the press. This is actually among the better responses.
  • Tainted by the Preview: The reveal event did not go over well with the people of the Internet. Highlights of the Xbox One reveal are listed here.
  • Tempting Fate: The mandatory Internet connection for the first time setup. There will be a ton of strain on the servers from launch until New Year's, so if anything goes wrong on Microsoft's end, a ton of people will get screwed over and be unable to fix the situation; even a small download could take forever given how many people will be trying to connect.
  • The Tyson Zone: The Xbox One quickly entered thanks to all the negative publicity it has; truth, rumor, or hoax. One of the extreme examples was when when fake tweets were released claiming to be by Adam Orth, Microsoft's former creative director, which claimed that he said "the red ring of death adds excitement and tension", "murder shouldn't be a crime because the only victim is dead", and "without Hitler there would be no Indiana Jones movies".
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Gaming fans reacted extremely negatively to the focus on multi-media features over games at the Xbox One's reveal.
  • They Just Didn't Care:
    • Microsoft didn't appear to care about complaints from hardcore gamers that the new system was too multi-media focused, lacked backward compatibility, etc.
    • An interview with Microsoft's Don Mattrick in which he said that people who don't have Internet connections can use the Xbox 360 instead of the upcoming One.
    • News that single player components are stated to still be functional when the One's servers are shut down at the end of its generation implies that the console doesn't even need to be online-requisite in the first place, but is being kept that way solely out of Microsoft's personal preference.
    • Their efforts to appeal to Japanese consumers and developers: Xbox and Xbox 360 got eaten alive there, and now Microsoft is on the record describing the country as a low priority when asked why they had pushed the Japanese launch date into 2014.
    • The initial attempts at responding to the Internet Backdraft: No one, not even senior executives like Don Mattrick, seemed to have a clue what their policies were for Xbox One, and attempts at clarifying their conflicting answers actually made things even more convoluted.
  • Vocal Minority: Microsoft was hoping that this was the case when the Xbox One was first announced. Looks like they were right, judging from sales numbers.
    • Though if they didn't reverse a lot of the really bad ideas they had, it probably wouldn't have been a minority.
  • We All Live in America: Various aspects of the console make it look like this, including:
    • Many of the TV features such as fantasy football and program guides are either exclusive to the U.S. or almost certainly going to be implemented some time after the console launches in a foreign country, if at all.
      • Speaking of fantasy football, while fantasy sports are popular everywhere, (American) football is not, so fantasy football for Xbox One was only really made to appeal to Americans, and there are no plans to expand into other sports.
    • The Internet connectivity the console used to sport seemed to be done under the assumption that most countries have the same kind of reliable, high cap broadband services that most American cities have. Even the online requirements for initial setup could be hard to satisfy in places like Malaysia and Brazil.
    • In an unfortunately literal case, the old connectivity requirements meant that soldiers (even American ones) serving for their country couldn't use the console for more than 24 hours because they don't have internet access (and that's assuming they set up the console at home, because that requires a connection, and still does). Region coding would also have screwed these gamers over.
    • The console will release in countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia in late 2014, almost a year after the console's release in America. Granted, it did take more than eight years for Brazil to get the PS2. We all live in Japan?
    • The use of cloud computing to supplement the system's hardware. The connection speeds needed to make that happen are exclusive to parts of East Asia, the Americas, and Western Europe, and even there they are expensive.
    • Region coding: U.S. and Japan made games don't always make it to Europe or Australia, so gamers there would have serious trouble importing games they couldn't buy in stores.
  • Win Back The Crowd: The E3 2013 conference was an attempt to recover after the lukewarm response to the reveal conference. On the one hand, games such as the new Halo game and Minecraft have done quite well, with others such as Titanfall getting a mixed reception. It hasn't stopped the backdraft though, especially in comparison to Sony's conference.

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