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YMMV: Writing.Com
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Some authors get really tired to see the more popular interactive stories get chapters added daily- and their interactive stories get no feedback or new chapters. Cue trolls.
  • Quality by Popular Vote: Sometimes this happens to a lot of stories that don't quite meet up to everyone's expectations.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The site making interactive stories a paying members-only feature.note 
    • The addition of a rather obnoxious anti-adblocking system to said interactives which is only disabled you have a payed membership. If you have a free account (or none at all) and have a known adblocker on (including Adblock Plus and NoScript), then whenever you load an interactive chapter, the content will be hidden. You will only get to view the content after you see a message pop-up in its place telling you to disable your adblocker and clicking OK, then viewing another message like that for five seconds, then manually clicking another message that pops up that will allow you to finally view the page. If you have a basic paid membership, you will get less ads and the site will let you use your adblocker, while all the more expensive tiers remove the ads entirely. In a way, all this basically amounts to saying, "Buy our memberships or GTFO."

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