YMMV: Wonderfalls

  • Ear Worm: The opening song.
  • Executive Meddling: When they found that the show Joan of Arcadia would be released around the same time as Wonderfalls with a very similar premise, Fox decided to hold off on premiering Wonderfalls, not wanting to risk looking like a rip off. Of course Joan ended up being a huge hit and by releasing the show a few months later they definitely looked like they were ripping off the show. Smooth.
    • However, it can be argued that the decision to delay the broadcast allowed the producers to complete filming of all 13 episodes of the first season so that, when Fox cancelled the show after only four episodes, fans were still able to view the complete storyline, even if they had to wait a year or so for the DVD.
    • In a less show-endy way, they also made the show change its opening credits because they didn't have enough shots of Jaye smiling, and they had them cut out a shot of Eric fainting because he wasn't "manly enough".
    • The people at Fox apparently thought there were too many blonde girls in the show, and had Sharon's love interest wear a rather fake looking brunette wig throughout the season.
  • Fake American: French-Canadian Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye (and yes, that extended to the French-Canadian dub for the show, which she also recorded).
    • Within the show, "Crime Dog" has an illegal Canadian immigrant pretending to be a naturalized American citizen.
      • She's also an English Canadian, pretending to be a French Canadian, with a very badly faked accent.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Listen to the seals, Clarice."
  • Retroactive Recognition: