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YMMV: WolfQuest
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • In an older version of the game, there was a glitch where after every encounter with a stranger wolf, your wolf's speed stat would go up. If done enough times, it became possible for you to run all the way from one corner of the game world to the other in about thirty seconds, rather than the 5+ minutes it would normally take. This was later fixed.
    • The limit of each stamina/strength/speed slider is determined by where the other two sliders are. Some people discovered a glitch where you bring your Strength stat all the way down (making the speed and stamina both be almost at the maximum level), and then click at the top of the Strength bar. The Strength slider would move there without changing the still-at-a-high-level speed and stamina, giving you near-maximum stats on all three. A fix was implemented where this glitch would not make a significant difference in the game compared to a wolf with normal stats.
    • When you scare off a stranger wolf, press "Escape" to pause the game just as it starts to run away. If you look at your player stats, you'll see that your experience points are going up and up and up. This is still currently in the game.
    • The Godspeed or Dogspeed glitch. If you pressed C when loading the game or dying in multiplayer, your wolf would start up running incredibly fast (and unable to stop) without your stamina ever going down. To stop the glitch, you needed to enter a message in the chat. This seems to have been removed.
  • Memetic Mutation: During the highest point of the games popularity, there was an infamous player named 'lord' that everybody seemed to know. He's was regarded as the most vicious player, as he was a 'pupkiller', even though there were no pups available in the game at that point, and there still aren't any in multiplayer where he reigned. Other pupkillers showed up, and often cited lord as their leader.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Howling can become this in Multiplayer games.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The short bit of music at the end of the game as the camera lifts above the trees and circles your wolf.
    • The little thump as the bull elk you've been chasing for the last ten minutes hits the ground.
  • Player Punch: The mate respawns when killed, but the pups are Killed Off for Real.
  • Paranoia Fuel: When your wolf respawns after dying, you will see a second player beacon on the map where you died, and if you go to it, you find your old body lying on the ground!

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