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YMMV: Wolf Creek
  • Complete Monster: Mick Taylor is one of the most monstrous horror villains ever created. An Australian Serial Killer, rapist, and torturer, he preys upon tourists visiting the Wolf Creek area and falsely befriends them before taking them back to his home and slowly torturing them to death; all of this solely For the Evulz. He has killed several dozen people including an entire family (even a little girl). One of his favorite torture methods is "head on a stick" where he severs their spine to turn them into a human vegetable. At the end of the second film, he frames one of his victims for his crimes, leading to the ruination of the victimís life.
  • Idiot Plot: The whole second half of the film could have been avoided if Liz had just shot Mick when he was unconscious.
    • Which she did try, but the gun jammed or she just didn't manage to reload it due to her lack of knowledge of firearms. And while Mick's knife was still laying around, after what they've just been through, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that she wouldn't be thinking straight and would have been more focused on fleeing with Kristy than finishing him off.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Part of the funding for the movie came from the idea that it would have so much Scenery Porn, the Australian tourist agency would make more money off of all the people coming to Australia in order to see scenery like the movie. Um...

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