YMMV / Wolf Creek

  • Ass Pull: At the end of the TV series, Mick somehow manages to survive being skewered with a fire poker and the broken pieces of a javelin and having his house burned down.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Michael "Mick" Taylor is an Australian killer, rapist, and torturer who preys upon tourists visiting the Wolf Creek area, falsely befriending them before taking them back to his home and slowly torturing them to death. He has killed several dozen people including a little girl. One of his favorite methods is "head on a stick", where he severs their spine to turn them into a human vegetable. At the end of the second film, he frames one of his victims for his crimes, leading to the ruination of the victimís life. In the prequel novels Origin and Desolation Game, he killed his mother who loved him dearly and killed a dog to force feed it to its owner before killing him too. While being pursued by four other serial killers, Mick tied up his girlfriend Rose and used her as rape bait to lure the killers into a trap, and killed one named Jerry by gutting him and force-feeding him his own intestines. During the Vietnam War, he committed more atrocities, and continued raping, torturing, and killing when he returned home. In the TV miniseries, he murders Eve Thorogood's family, and spends the rest of the series trying to kill her. He captures her Love Interest and tortures him before making her stab and kill her love interest herself. In the second season, he murders a man who had been his friend for decades to eliminate someone who could connect him to his crimes, and targets a large tour group because the guide said Mick wouldn't make a good tour guide due to how politically incorrect he was.
    • Wolf Creek: Origin: In this prequel novel to the films, Jerry "The Fiddler" is one of four serial killers that Mick Taylor investigates while attempting to reclaim his knife. Jerry is an obese pedophile who rapes and kills children. Jerry lives in an abandoned mine that he has booby-trapped to kill intruders (we see the skeleton of one of his adult victims). When Mick enters Jerry's home, he sees Jerry raping a little girl, and finds trophies and corpses of three of his past victims, and also sees Jerry kill a dog. After Mick murders a touring couple, Jerry and the other killers decide to kill Mick out of revenge for allowing the bodies to be discovered, which brought police into the area and made it more likely for the killings of the other killers to be discovered. When the killers attack Mickís home, Jerry tries to rape Mick's girlfriend Rose (who Mick had tied up to lure the killers into a trap). Just before Mick kills Jerry, he tells Mick that he should have killed the two truckers who discovered the couples bodies, stating "You never let anyone go."
    • Wolf Creek: Desolation Game: In this second prequel novel, Sergeant Atkin, Mick's superior during his time in the Vietnam War, trained Mick, helping him go from an "amateur" to a "professional" killer. Atkin cut a deal with the elder of a starving village, so they would get scraps of food in exchange for letting Atkin rape their women. Atkin introduced Mick to this practice and let him join in. Mick and Atkin were both sadistic, often torturing the women. One of Mick's rape victims ended up dying, but this did not stop Mick and Atkin. One night, two men stumble upon them during their rape session. Mick and Atkin shot the two men dead thinking they were enemy soldiers, showing no remorse when they learned they weren't. Atkin taught Mick the "head on a stick" technique, severing the spine of a terrified soldier cowering in his pajamas. Atkin let Mick stab the already paralyzed man in the back again, and saw off his head and mount it on a spike. When Mick and Atkin returned to the village, the elder scolded them for killing the two men earlier and wacked Atkin with her cane. Atkin snapped the cane, stabbed her in the throat with it, and raped and killed all the women he and Mick could. Atkin later tried to kill Mick out of fear that he would talk about what they did despite their Villainous Friendship.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Mick and the kangaroos. Animal cruelty aside, it's quite funny if you have that sense of humor.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The last we see of Ben is him being loaded onto a plane to testify in a trial. Nathan Phillips later stars in Snakes on a Plane where he's boarding a plane to testify in another murder trial.
  • Misaimed Marketing: Part of the funding for the movie came from the idea that it would have so much Scenery Porn, the Australian tourist agency would make more money off of all the people coming to Australia in order to see scenery like the movie. Um...
  • Nausea Fuel: Liz gets her fingers casually lopped off by Mick's hunting knife.
  • What An Idiot: Liz shoots Mick and knocks him out with the gun. While he's at her mercy, she does not shoot him in the head or make sure he's definitely dead. Because she doesn't act in this vital moment, she and Kristy end up dead.
  • The Woobie: Kristy definitely, considering the amount of horror she has to put up with. Whereas Liz and Ben are just locked up, Kristy is implied to have been raped (her pants are down and there is blood on her legs) and personally tortured by Mick. Then when Liz is killed, Kristy has to run out onto the highway by herself.