YMMV / Without a Trace

  • Complete Monster:
    • Season 3's finale and season 4's premiere had Emil Dornvald, a mercenary working for an African dictator. The missing person of the week is in love with a rebel opposing said dictator and knew where he and his friends were holed up. Dornvald cold-bloodedly murders the pregnant teenager she's been mentoring and is very fond of, sends her a picture on the girl's phone, and offers to stop killing her loved ones if she just tells him where the men are.
    • Season 6's premiere had a con man preying on families who had adopted children from Africa. He'd claim to be the kid's birth father and guilt the parents into surrendering the kids to him, whereupon he'd take them and sell them on the black market. He also manipulated a Sudanese war orphan into helping him by claiming that he was only stealing the children to get them back to their birth parents, the young man having lost his own mother to militants. When the orphan finds out he's been had, he brutally stabs the guy to death and the FBI quite understandably decide to look the other way.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: One episode had, as the victim, a girl with a noticeable but reasonable amount of heft to her. She was treated as though she were morbidly obese: she had only one friend, was constantly terrorized for her weight, and had massive self-esteem issues.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Christina Hendricks, who is now known for Mad Men, was the missing person in the episode "Check Your Head". She's not the only person in this episode who became famous afterwards, as it features a cameo by a certain future Hiro.
    • Jack's daughter Hannah was played by Vanessa Marano, who would go on to play Bay Kennish in Switched at Birth.
    • In the Season 3 finale, a woman named Paige is "missing" and she is played by Anna Belknap. Five months later, a character by the name of Linsday Monroe shows up on CSI: NY...also played by Anna Belknap.
    • Future member of the British Royal Family Meghan Markle appears in season 7's episode "Chameleon".
  • Tear Jerker:
    • One episode ended with Malone desperately searching for a car with a possibly-dead person in it, expertly edited and backed by Moby's "One of These Mornings". See it for yourself, it's like Tuco looking for the right grave in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
    • "Neither Rain Nor Sleet." At first there's the suspicion that Rosie Diaz could have even been implied to be involved in pedophilia, but as the truth comes out, it's evident she was truly a good and caring person... Which makes her death at the hands of her brother, whom she had always tried to help for her whole life, (and who-unknown to her-set up for Rosie to be suspected of children abuse just to have her foster children out of the way) even more tragic.