YMMV / Witch & Wizard

  • Complete Monster: The One Who Is The One is the brutal dictator of the New Order, and the ultimate evil in the story. Deciding all life was meant to cow before him after being shunned for his affinity of magic, The One established the New Order as his dictatorship, and quickly turned his new kingdom into a hellish realm for all the inhabitants. Proclaiming all forms of art, including magic, to be sinful, The One has any and all practitioners of these, along with their family members, brutally tortured and executed, with most of his victims being children. Along with personally vaporizing dozens of children at a time to relieve boredom, subjecting hundreds of adults and children to vivisections, and interfering with the afterlife to leave countless spirits wandering in purgatory, The One spares no expense in quashing any rebellions against him, from bombing entire cities to unleashing terrible plagues onto the public, all of which claim more innocent victims than rebels. His own minions faring no better, The One sadistically executes those who fail him through such means as , and has no concern for them getting caught in the crossfire of his plans. As the Arch-Enemy of the Allgood siblings, The One tortures and murders their friends, vaporizes their parents in front of them, and razes their neighborhood to the ground all solely to torture them. Nearly dying after failing to kill the millions of innocents who refused his rule, The One latches onto his abused son, Pearce's, soul, corrupting the already wicked teen into a sadistic monster that he uses to torment the Allgood siblings further. Assuming full control of Pearce, The One attempts to unleash the undead onto the world to devour all in their path, then rule over whatever is left of humanity as a god. A hypocritical note  psychopath who hated everything that he wasn't in full control of, The One is one of the most wicked Young Adult Novel villains to have ever been conceived.