YMMV / Witch & Wizard

  • Complete Monster: The One Who Is The One is the root of nearly every problem in the story, and by far the most wicked villain. Growing up shunned by his peers due to his affinity for magic, The One became power-hungry and created the New Order to take power. Proclaiming all forms of art to be sinful, The One has anyone practicing any art form hunted down and exterminated. After establishing the New Order as the leading power in the world, The One has any teens or children with the potential for magic hunted down and thrown into nightmarish prisons where they either await execution, are brainwashed into becoming members of his army, or are subjected to horrific experiments. The Arch-Enemy of the Allgood siblings, The One goes to incredible lengths to ruin their lives, from fatally strangling the girlfriend of Whit, the older sibling, to vaporizing the children's parents in front of them and razing their neighborhood to the ground. Attempting to eliminate Resistance fighters and sympathizers, The One has cities bombed, innocent teens burned at the stake, and later releases the Blood Plague, a virus that excruciatingly kills all it infects, in an attempt to wipe out rebels. Seeing all of his soldiers, including his own abused son, as expendable, The One murders them, turns them into inanimate objects, and nearly wiped out hundreds of them in an attempt to kill the Allgood siblings. After interfering with the Afterlife, leaving thousands of tortured souls wandering Purgatory for years, The One rips out Wisty Allgood's magical Gift of Fire, then reveals he plans to "cull" all humans who resist his rule across the planet with his new godlike powers. Psychopathic, hypocritical note  and megalomaniacal, The One was willing to ruin countless lives for nothing more than to satisfy his god complex.