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YMMV: Wishmaster
  • Complete Monster: The Djinn from the first two films. While the whole race is said to be evil, we only see three of them (only the first two films share continuity, and the Djinn in the third film is killed at the end, so we assume the last two films have different Djinns). Of the three, the one in the first two films is by far the worst, and especially evil even for his race. He sees people as nothing but vermin and toys for his sick amusement. Most of the wishes he grants result in people dying horrific Body Horror-related deaths. He blows up an airplane and kills everyone on board just to kill one woman. Every soul he reaps he places in a hell-like dimension for eternal torture. In the second film, he sets out to trap one thousand mortals in this plane of eternal suffering. And his ultimate goal is to turn Earth into a place of perpetual death, destruction, pain, and fear by releasing his fellow Djinn.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The villain is sometimes referred to as being "Wishmaster" by people describing the film. The villain is not called Wishmaster; that's just a role he fulfills. He's the Djinn.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: You might not have known what to expect while watching the first movie, but as befits a Villain-Based Franchise, few people can probably claim to have watched the sequels for anything other than the Djinn working his magic.
  • Narm
  • Sequelitis: Second movie was acceptable, while 3 and 4 were Direct-to-Video sequels made simultaneously, discarded canon "rules", and didn't have the original actor.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The acting in these movies is... dubious, at best.
  • Warped Aesop: Oh no! You have killed someone! How can you rectify this, in the eyes of God and for lost purity of your own soul so you can defeat a powerful demon whose release you had a part in? Well, first you must get rid of your self-image, start visiting an orthodox church, sever one your fingers and trick the demon to reset things in a way that the guy you killed is revived! Thanks, Wishmaster 2!

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