YMMV / Wish Upon

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The cast are hardly likeable, with the main character uses the box to make wishes despite getting the memo that the box kills people. The worst part? Even if you rooted for Claire to beat the box via a Reset Button Ending, she still dies anyways and makes the overall movie pointless as someone else just picks up the box anyways.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Meredith is well-liked, mostly because despite her roughness, she's the only one to rightfully call Clare a bitch for keeping a mystical item that kills people when wishes are made. Most viewers could rest easy knowing that the last wish was able to resurrect Meredith from her death earlier in the film.
  • Fanon: It has been commonly accepted among fans that this film takes place in the same universe as the Conjuring film series and its spin-offs due to the fact that the director also directed Annabelle.
  • Narm
    • A lot of the deaths, which are more funny than scary.
    • Jonathan still giving in to his compulsion to hoard and dumpster dive even after Claire inherits her wealthy uncle's fortune.
    • One of Claire's wishes is for her father to stop dumpster diving and be a cool musician. Cue a very cliched scene of Claire and her friends fawning over her father playing the saxophone like in a 70s sitcom.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Most deaths in the film. In particular is Uncle August really clumsily slipping in the tub and hitting his head on the edge of the tub and finally doing himself in by banging his head on the nozzle and Clare's body flying after getting hit by Darcie's car.
  • The Scrappy: Clare. Despite being the main character, viewers found themselves unable to sympathize with her when she continued to use the box for herself even after knowing that its effects kill people after making a wish.
  • Snark Bait: The movie has been the butt of mockery for being yet another Cliché Storm horror movie with unintentionally hilarious death scenes. The fact that the director also directed the similarly-mocked Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Annabelle doesn't help.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
    • This appears to be the overall critical consensus for the film, as indicated on its Rotten Tomatoes page:
    Wish Upon is neither scary nor original, but its fundamental flaws as a horror movie may make it destination viewing for after-midnight camp genre enthusiasts.
  • Tainted by the Preview: The film's trailers state that it is directed by the director of Annabelle (another poorly-received horror movie), and said director also directed the critically panned Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. This led viewers to decide not to see the film, which wasn't helped by the trailers including many overdone horror cliches.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • For some reason, after she is down to her last two wishes, Clare never considers trying to wish for the box to immediately undo all of the evil it has done and destroy itself on the spot before it can even kill someone.
    • It may or may not have worked, but the fact that Clare did not even try seeing if she could exploit the wishes (depending on rather or not they had a limit) by seeing if she could wish for the counter to reset itself or if she could wish for the box to no longer kill people after a wish is made. She also does not try to give the box to Ryan to see if the counter would reset itself when given a new owner (if it didn't remain unusable to anyone except her until she made her last two wishes), and if it did, seeing if he could make wishes for her that would undo the damage that had been done. The two of them really should have tried to figure out all of the details about how the box and its wishes worked so that they could figure out what was the best way to undo all of the damage that had been done.
    • Even if the wish box wasn't actively malevolent wishing that Paul would fall "madly" in love with Clare is still a very poorly worded wish.