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YMMV: Wire
  • Broken Base/Dork Age: Their 80s Synth Pop output is a point of contention among many fans. Critics are sometimes more forgiving of it.
  • Epic Riff: Riffs aren't exactly the band's "point", but they've still had quite a few:
    • Pink Flag: "12 X U", "Ex Lion Tamer", "Strange"
    • Chairs Missing: "Practice Makes Perfect" (for the bass)
    • 154: "Two People in a Room"
    • The Ideal Copy: "Ahead"
    • Change Becomes Us: "Doubles & Trebles", "Adore Your Island", "Stealth of a Stork"
  • First Installment Wins: Two separate ways:
    • Though Chairs Missing and 154 are both critically acclaimed in their own right, Pink Flag is widely considered the band's masterpiece, and it was certainly the most influential record they ever did.
    • The band's first incarnation, which birthed the three above records. After they broke up and eventually reformed in the mid-80s, it was generally agreed that they were never as good again.
  • Magnum Opus: Pink Flag
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: After their first return in 1985, they drew much ire from much of their fanbase by releasing a string of poppy, overproduced records, culminating in the critical disaster that was 1991's Manscape. Live, however, the songs often took on a very different character, though Wire, being the contrarians that they were, never released a proper live album from this period... Until 2010, with the inception of their "Legal Download Bootleg Series", one of the first of which was a 1988 performance from the Astoria in London. To summarize the average fan reaction: Hot damn.
    • Or, somewhat earlier, their revival of various '80s numbers on their 2000 comeback tour.
    • Much of the material that eventually became Change Becomes Us was notoriously difficult or poorly recorded live versions. Enter the 2013 album, and it's some of the band's best recordings in years.
  • Sampled Up: The main riff to Elastica's "Connection," is "Three Girl Rhumba" half a step down with a variation every fourth bar. Another Elastica single from the same album, "Line Up," used the melody to the chorus of "I Am the Fly" for its own chorus. Wire threatened lawsuit over these similarities, but ultimately settled out of court for songwriting credit.
  • Signature Song: "12 X U"

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