YMMV / Wild Life

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The first chapter when Tesshou is getting a job interview.
    Interviewer: Thank you for applying for a job at our store. Do you have any special skills?
    Applicant 1: I learned to calculate on the abacus with great skill at 5!
    Interviewer: Hmm, very interesting. You?
    Applicant 2: People always say I have great people skills!
    Interviewer: Interesting. And you on the left?
    Tesshou: Iwashiro Tetsushou-kun. And I have a... PERFECT SENSE OF HEARING!
    Everybody in the room: ...
    • Every time Professor Ryoto hits on Tesshou.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Tesshou saved Dog when Dog had seemingly died in the first chapter.
  • Ho Yay: Way too many to count. Ryoto constantly hits on Tesshou, and is explicitly stated to be either gay or bisexual. Ryoto hitting on Tesshou is a running gag, and henceforth, the Ho Yay moments are piled on throughout the manga. Poor Tesshou... All played for laughs, though.
    • Tsukasa's Dad to Tesshou: If you're with him, (referring to Ryoto) I can retire without worrying.
  • Tearjerker: Dog's temporary death in chapter 1
    • In general, the success stories when there is enough emotion involved. Galaxy the giraffe comes specifically to mind.