YMMV / Wicked Science

  • Australia Doubling: When Elizabeth traps herself and Toby in a virtual American Old West town, the surrounding terrain looks an awful lot like Australia, complete with eucalyptus trees everywhere. It becomes even more blatant when Toby and Elizabeth ride off into a billabong. A similar situation occurs when Russ is sent back in time to what must be Paleolithic Europe, but which couldn't look less like the Australian outback.
  • Dawson Casting: Though it's never stated on the show how old the characters are, the promotional works for the show refer to them as 15-year-olds at the time of the pilot. The main cast were actually 18 to 19 years old at the time it was filmed.
  • Fridge Horror: Elizabeth makes a clone of Principal Vyner that she uses to administer the school by proxy for her. It is shown to be rapidly prematurely aging and to have fairly normal human intelligence and self-awareness, though it is highly immature and is effectively psychologically abused by Elizabeth, completely willing to follow any instructions like a small child and deeply anxious when she fails. What happened to the clone? Did she degenerate and die painfully like Dolly the sheep? Nobody mentions her after Elizabeth is foiled. Elizabeth basically created a disposable child in a middle-aged woman's body that was slowly dying, abused her and left her psychologically damaged and unable to live a normal life.