YMMV: Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

  • Creator's Pet: Some fans thought that Hygenia was a lame superheroine that should not have gotten as far as she did in her season, but Stan Lee seemed to like her.
  • Ear Worm: The Fat Momma theme song. She even gets a crowd singing it.
    "Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'm here to save the day. Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'll take your food away."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Major Victory in Season 1, Hyperstrike in Season 2.
    • The above-mentioned Fat Momma in-show. In one of the final episodes, the remaining three contestants had to convince an elementary school class to be inspired by their hero persona, and then the kids of the class had to stand behind their favorite. Fat Momma gave a heartwarming speech about learning to love yourself for who you are, and more than half the class got behind her.
  • Game Breaker: A late challenge in the second season involved bonding with children and using the knowledge they were taught in school to solve some puzzles. The guy who failed? Parthenon, who was a teacher, and therefore didn't need the children's help.
  • One-Scene Wonder: HOME-LESS MAAAAHHHHN!
  • Wangst: Fat Momma in Season 1, and Whip-Snap in Season 2, both teeter on the edge between angst and wangst, especially Whip-Snap.
    • Whip-Snap's wangsting got her eliminated - Stan Lee's final speech to her basically said, "If you can't deal with your own problems, you have no business being a superhero on top of it." He ought to have made the obvious comparison to Spider-Man, noting that (at least when written well), Peter Parker actually works to solve the problems amidst his superhero life, rather than crying about it every damn time (at least when he's not selling his soul to Satan to fix the problem for him).
    • Monkey Woman in Season 1 also had this problem: she was on the verge of tears every time something didn't go right for her.