YMMV / White Water

  • Awesome Music: White Water has some particularly memorable music, mostly the multiball songs, but the Vacation Jackpot sequence as well. The machine goes crazy.
  • Game-Breaker / Golden Snitch: The "5x Playfield" bonus. Any time White Water is used at a competition, watch all of the top-level players set themselves up so the machine will give them lots of points, then make repeated beelines for the whirlpool until that bonus shows up.
    • If and when set up properly, this can even beat the Vacation Jackpot strategy; Jackpots within Multiball can be worth just as much with 5x active.
  • Moment of Awesome: Getting the Vacation Jackpot and watching the Mind Screw-y animation that results.
  • Uncanny Valley: Bigfoot looks a little... too happy.