YMMV / White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
aka: White Day

  • Evil Is Sexy: Seung-Ah's true form that you see in the labyrinth certainly counts. The fact that she's basically naked with nothing but symbols covering her body adds to this.
  • Good Bad Bugs: There are some bugs in the game that can help you lock in the janitor in place so he can't pursue you but can impede your ability to progress further into the game, although there are ways to fix this in-game so everything works out.
  • Guide Dang It!: So you bought a western copy of the remake, but you can't find the girl on the cover anywhere, what's up with that? Turns out she's actually the second playable character, with an alternate campaign to Hui-min, which isn't mentioned anywhere on or in the game. How do you get to do this? You see those drawings spread around the first part of the building when you first enter the school? You have to examine all 10 of them, after which, about 1/4th into the game you'll take control of her instead. Absolutely nowhere in the game does it hint at this besides some cryptic and unclear hints, or if you decided to go into the costumes and notice there's another person yu can get costumes for besides the main character, the girs, and the janitors.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The noises that alert you to the janitor's presences can get very annoying after a while. Having to listen to keys jingling or whistling gets really old when all you want them to do is leave so you can move on.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Surprisingly, the best sound in this game is when the school is silent, because this means there's no janitors or ghosts around to worry about. Admittedly this only happens several times (and very briefly at that) but still.
  • Narm:
    • The puzzle in the auditorium should be a pretty intense and scary scene. Not only is it on fire, but you also have a deranged Eun-mi chasing after you with a knife. It's hard to focus on this though, since the music playing in the background is a woman going "Ooo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-WAAAAH-AAAAH-AAAAAH-AAAAAAAH!" And, of course, this plays in a loop throughout the whole stage.
    • The growling sound that the janitors make whenever they spot you. It was probably an attempt to make them more intimidating, but hearing that "Hmmm!?" makes them seem less like crazy, bat wielding murderers and more like a couple of grumpy old men who just got woken up from their nap.
    • The Library Ghost from the remake certainly looks scary when she attacks you, and the build up to this is pretty tense when you see her sitting across the table from you while the camera zooms in on her face. The Slasher Smile she gives you just before she charges at you would also be scary, were it not for the fact that she looks so much like Overly Attached Girlfriend.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The fact that the game developers actually had to make patches people could download, to make the game less scary, because people were complaining that the game was too terrifying should probably tell you something. One particular example would be the face of the ghost that emerges from the walls early on. It can be very terrifying if you manage to get a glimpse of it in dim light.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Both the original and the remake share a few, despite improvements.
    • The mad cackle that starts playing in a loop after the tentacle tree grabs your love interest. It will continue until you solve a certain puzzle, which is incredibly hard to figure out since it depends on finding a tiny key hidden away in a small room. Depending on how quickly you find the key, this can mean that the same laughter will play in a loop for several hours. Which has caused many people to rage quit.
    • Stamina: It depletes at a reasonable rate, which seems fair but the true reason as to why it can be such an issue is tied to the next entry below. To say they don't give you enough is an understatement.
    • The Janitor's ability to find you, particularly the second one: they have a particularly high vertical threshold of sight and a flashlight allowing them to see all the way down hallways, as well as a 3 step process on going from calm to alerted, and when they are triggered, they give chase depending on each area they last saw you (the first isn't as fast due to a limp). In theory, this means you could reasonably evade them if caught; HOWEVER, In practice, said 3 step process doesn't only rely on the janitor seeing you after investigating around, but also ANY changes in the Janitor's surroundings from when they were last there, as well as any sound made by a player in proximity to said changes in environment. What does this mean? That even being in an adjacent area to a janitor means you're probably going to be spotted, they'll probably chase you across THE ENTIRE MAP, and even if you DO manage to hide, chances are they'll inspect where you hid, and straight up barge in if you leave any signs you were there, which you'll probably do more so against the second janitor since they can move so fast, and even if you ARE far enough ahead to keep sprinting, there's also the factor of your stamina running out during a chase, as the game simply doesn't give you enough to reliably escape from one of these guys if spotted. It gets old really quick, and probably becomes the least scary thing about the game the 3rd or 4th time it happens. The worst part is that the remake does away with most of the glitches you could have used to avoid helpless situations involving them.
      • The developers did try to make avoiding detection easier by releasing a patch that added the janitor's alertness meter (which was originally only used in "Very Easy" mode) to Normal difficulty. While it does help somewhat, there are still many points where the janitor will detect you from a mile away without even seeing you, and by the time the indicator shows up, he's already charging towards you.
    • The game can be stingy with felt-tip pens in the beginning of the game, even on lower difficulties, to the point where it's actually recommended to not save in the beginning until you've found at least 3 or 4. Granted, you won't have an issue with them by the endgame, but early on you'll be scrounging the initial areas just so you can make sure you can save.

Alternative Title(s): White Day