YMMV / While You Were Sleeping

  • Heartwarming Moments: The ending when Lucy tells Peter exactly when she fell in love with Jack.
    • Also, when Lucy spends Christmas with the family.
  • Hollywood Homely: Lucy. She's not exactly supposed to be ugly, but the movie does a good job of making Sandra Bullock of all people look like a mousey, shy Chicago transportation employee.
    • Which is probably closer to real shy people who might be really attractive with the right attitude and dress. Lucy is super awkward and wears awful clothes the entire time, which makes sense with someone with her character's level of self-confidence.
  • Star-Making Role: This movie along with Speed is credited with helping to launch Sandra Bullock's career in The '90s.
  • The Woobie: Lucy. It's hard not to want to give her a hug when she confesses to (the currently comatose) Peter just how lonely and unhappy she is.
    You ever been so alone you spent the night confusing a man in a coma?