YMMV / What's with Andy?

  • Ear Worm: Season 1's opening theme will never leave your head, ever. The other two themes aren't shabby either.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Cartoon was fairly popular when it aired in Germany and Poland, so much that Disney XD started rerunning it in the latter country.
  • Squick:
    • "Emergency Spew Relish" had its squick-y moments, including Andy's stink bomb stinking the majority of the passengers out of the train car and what Andy said before it
    Andy: "I don't know what was in that burrito I had this morning but I have to lay a bomb".
    • Later, when he pretends to vomit, he says to the old lady that he gets train-sick and he's "not sure if it's safe where she's sitting".
    • Andy's Imagine Spot in "Busting" after he mentions he will explode, of him drinking a Gigantic Gulp then exploding into an ambiguous liquid and the old man with the splint diving into it.
    • The Diaper Change at the end of "Daddy".