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YMMV: What Would You Do?

  • Anvilicious: Many times the case Aesop can be bushy but in just as many cases, Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: One scenario at a beach had a guy gripe at his wife for carrying too much baby weight for a bikini. The actress was quite pretty and rather skinny, which was the point the show was trying to make.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The opening narration could be interpreted this way. "Hidden cameras, ON. When you think no one is watching...we are. What would you do?"
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The intros to segments often include original music in the background meant to mimic that of a song related to the scenario. For example, the background music in a segment on a waiter serving food that fell on the floor is similar to (of all songs) Cee Lo Green's "F*** You".

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