YMMV / Whammy

Subjective Tropes for the Game Show Whammy!
  • Broken Base: Who should've been chosen to host Whammy!: Todd Newton, or Peter Tomarken? There are those who feel that Todd Newton was a good fit for the show and did a decent job hosting, and there are those who feel no one but Tomarken should've been given the job and that Newton should've stayed as far away as possible from the show, among other viewpoints. Not helping is the fact that both hosts taped a pilot each, and Game Show Network went with Newton over Tomarken because he was younger.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Let's start off by saying that in Whammy!'s second season, as Todd Newton stands on the edge of the contestant island and explains the rules, the island rotates for the players to face the bonus board. Graham Elwood, of Cram fame, apparently didn't know this. When time came for him to host the April Fools' Day episode in 2003, as Elwood explained the rules, the island began to rotate, causing Elwood to cry out in shock and grab the podium for support.
    • A lot of the Whammy animations. Like Don Whammy, who mutters "don't ever press your luck with the family!". Then there's the failed bungee-jumping attempt ("bungie-bungie-bungie!"), the Weakest Link parody, etc.
    • The Double Whammies, which included a potshot at Enron (shredded money), a Whammy barista (coffee beans and sometimes foam coffee cups), the Whammy's failed attempt at firing himself out of a cannon (Whammy fur and teeth), Whammy attempting to venture into an attic (underwear), and WHAMZILLA! (foam buildings).
  • Internet Backdraft: Which Whammy is better? The Limited Animation Whammy from Press Your Luck or the 3-D Whammy from here? If you said the latter, be prepared for the fandom to tell you exactly why you're wrong.
  • Just Here For The Whammies: The reason some people watch, just like the original series.
  • Memetic Mutation: The show's title spawned a Running Gag of coming up with new "X! The All-New Y" titles, such as Bankrupt! The All-New Wheel of Fortune.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • James Larson, who appeared on the "Larson reunion" special and wiped the floor with the same opponents his brother Michael famously beat nearly 20 years earlier, walking away with a grand piano, one of the more expensive prizes on this show.
    • The one contestant who managed to win the car prior to the Tournament of Champions, although by that point the Big Board had several more Top Keys and Bottom Keys, and said contestant won it through the Big Bank after the Whammy took the key halves from the other players.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Most hatred stems from the round board, the presence of Double Whammies (which merely dumped objects onto the contestant in addition to adding a Whammy), and the overemphasis on prizes (over 100 of which were worth less than $300). There was also the fact that two pilots were made, one with Peter Tomarken and the other with Newton, and that the latter was picked over the former.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • One contestant early in the run thought that losing her third Whammy on her very last spin was better than having a score of $2,000. Had she taken the money, she would have won.
    • "What type of vehicles are used in the legendary Tour de France?" A contestant rings in and says "SUVs."
    • In general, any player who opts to continue spinning in Round 1 after both of his/her opponents have Whammied out of the round or, in Season 2, has won the Big Bank. While it may be justified if the player wishes to win the car, they are guaranteed the advantage of going last in the 2nd Big Board round if they opt to "freeze" in this scenario, and spinning on means the player risks hitting a Whammy and losing this advantage, since if all 3 players hit a Whammy in Round 1, they all start Round 2 with no money, meaning whoever picks up the most spins in the Question Round will then earn the advantage.