YMMV / Wesley Willis

  • Adaptation Displacement: His song "Retard Bus" is more well known than the obscure punk band it is about.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Not just the song content, but the level of Strictly Formula is taken Up to 11 making something that otherwise would be a fault something he's praised for. Every song is nearly 2:50 after hearing that it was ideal length, follows the exact same pattern of verse, chorus (line repeated 4-6x), verse, chorus again, instrumental interlude for about a minute and a half, verse, chorus, "Rock over London, rock on Chicago" and an advertisement slogan. Many pre-programmed rhythm settings were reused quite a few times with a similar tempo.
  • Dancing Bear: Some of his detractors label him as such — sometimes to the point of claiming that he's faking his schizophrenia. Even some of his fans love him for being a Dancing Bear.
  • Ear Worm
  • So Bad, It's Good: Took this to an art form.
  • Squick
  • The Woobie: Some of his more downtempo songs about his condition can elicit this response, like "Chronic Schizophrenia", "They Threw Me Out of Church," and especially "Outburst."