YMMV / Weekend at Bernie's

  • California Doubling: Or, rather, North Carolina doubling; the beach scenes were shot in and around Wilmington.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The "Moogoo Voodoo" dancing scene from the sequel. Especially when Bernie joins in.
    • Vito eventually believes that Bernie is immortal.
    • Pretty much scene with the kid.
    • Charles and Henry trying to find the chicken.
    • Using Bernie as a horse to pull a cart.
    • Quite a lot of Larry's It's All About Me moments.
    Larry: [to Richard] Why can't you be a lazy shit like I am?!
  • Idiot Plot: The story would have been a whole lot shorter if someone besides the main characters had actually taken a closer look at the oddly limp, quiet, and unresponsive person and realized he was that way because he was dead.
    • To be fair, the Central Theme is Bernie's friends are so incredibly self-absorbed they are completely oblivious to a matter of (pun intended) life and death.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Bernie, a dance based on Bernie's voodoo bobbing, has become notable in pop culture.
    • "That's illegal! What you're doing is illegal!"
  • Narm Charm: Both movies have a fanbase simply because they're so ridiculous.
  • Squick: The very idea of having and using a human being's slowly decaying corpse as a puppet in the first place. Yes, even if they had a tactic to slow the process it was still decomposing. Of course, the two films together took place over the course of less than a week - and in the second, Bernie is subjected to a zombification that pretty much throws all the rules out the window.