YMMV / Web Soup

  • Jumping the Shark: Things You Can't Un-See, a video of a foot with maggots crawling out of it was once shown. Chris then admitted something to the effect that there would never be anything more gross to show on that segment again.
    • And he didn't. He showed it instead of a cat dancing in a tutu. THE IMAGE NEVER LEAVES!
    • Well, now there's something even more gross: Season 3 finale. Things You Can't Un-See. The video? A finger so badly infected with MRSA that the man's BONE WAS SHOWING!!
  • Nausea Fuel / Nightmare Fuel: "Things You Can't Un-See".
  • So Okay, It's Average: "That's Unincredible!"
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: "Palate Cleanser".
  • What an Idiot: Many of the subjects of the videos.