YMMV / Weasley Girl

  • Base-Breaking Character: Snape in the first story is probably the biggest one. While he has his moments of heroism, he is still an unrepentant Jerkass; Word of God is that this is a deliberate response to the softer, Woobiefied Snape of other fanfics, and while some readers enjoy the the Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk interpretation of the character, others view him as an off-putting Karma Houdini who gets away with too much and is not punished enough for his jerkishness.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: In early 2014, the author ran a "shipping poll" as a response to several reader comments about various ships. Unsurprisingly, Harry/Ronnie was the favoured (possible) ship, with Harry/Ginny & Ronnie/Neville as each characters' second most favoured pairings. The author did emphasise that there were no immediate plans for any ships, and that the poll was only for fun and not likely to affect the outcome of the story at all — the Harry/Ronnie ship was addressed with a somewhat apologetic "it's probably not going to happen," the two characters referred to more as Platonic Life Partners.
  • Not His Sled: Following Snape's resignation at the end of the first story, it's pretty damn obvious to the readers that Horace Slughorn will be his replacement. This is brilliantly subverted - the new Potions Master turns out to be Nicholas Flamel who, thanks to changed events, has elected to not die yet and continue assisting Dumbledore for a while longer.