YMMV / We Will Rock You

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Oh, so many
    • Proposed by his original actor: Khashoggi is a Bohemian sympathiser, and is working within the system to bring about its downfall. Given that he is essentially the person who puts events in motion, there is support for this one.
    • Is Killer Queen really a Corrupt Corporate Executive? Maybe she's just trying to run the planet the best she can, and stop people being hurt by the rebel uprising who are searching for something long lost?
      • Admitedly, the earlier productions make it clear that the Killer Queen simply runs the world to her own whims, and is trying to stop the Bohemians because they don't want to play her game, and she doesn't understand why.
    • Then we come to the theories on Galileo and Scaramouche, the most popular of which run along the lines of:
      • Galileo could be the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury
      • Scaramouche is the descendant of Brian May
  • Awesome Music: The whole musical.
    Screen: Do you want a Bohemian Rhapsody?
    *Audience cheers*
    Screen: ...Oh go on then.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: The first U.S. production lasted sixteen months at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. While not an instant flop, the one-act Compressed Adaptation rarely played to capacity audiences and critics, while not vicious, were underwhelmed. The North American tour (showing the full version) a decade later did better.
  • Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped: The show pretty much lives of the 'Don't be like everyone else/Be yourself' aseop.
    • Which is ironic, considering how easy it is to get the audience, and people in general, stomping and clapping along to the song We Will Rock You.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Khashoggi to some fans. To be fair, it's never quite clear where his Character Alignment lies. It is agreed amongst fans that he may be the only competent employee of Globalsoft as it all seems to go very badly after he is removed from his position.
  • Ear Worm: You will come out of the theatre singing these songs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A surprising number of the background Bohemians are popular throughout the fandom.
  • Fridge Logic: Why did Khashoggi leave Galileo and Scaramouche in the same room, considering he knew the full prophecy?
    • Actually explained vocally in the Las Vegas production: He does it on purpose.
  • Hollywood Homely: It's assumed Scaramouche is meant to be this.
  • Take That: It seems, at least from the plot of the musical, to be clearly pro-rock and anti-(or very critical of Pop Music). Shows like American Idol and stars like Britney Spears (who, interestingly enough, appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Queen members during Britney's peak of popularity) come up for a pasting.
  • Vindicated by History: The show was absolutely savaged by the critics when it opened in 2002, where only the individual performances of a few of the cast were remarked upon positively, and faced cancellation twice, but here it is, a decade later still selling out on a routine basis.
    • That's mostly because it underwent a drastic rewrite after the opening weeks. Ben Elton admits they didn't get the show right until the Australian version a year later (with many of the changes funnelled back to the West End version).