YMMV / Wardens

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mairon
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Joining from the perspective of Lily and Gimli. Daveth was killed by the Ritual and Jory was kiled by Duncan when he refused. So the two conscripted outcasts from an unfair life find themselves in an unfair dilemna: Undergo the joining and risk dying or refuse and get killed.
    • The Darkspawn-Dragon that killed Cailan
    • The Blood mages that very nearly killed the Wardens in the Circle Tower. The mage's own inexperience was ultimately what gave the wardens a chance to kill them.
    • Mairon's reaction to seeing his mother in the Fade. One can only imagine what Revka put Mairon through to not only make him forsake his birthname, Arthunas, but to eventually wreck untold havoc on Kirkwall in 9:20 Dragon.
    • Whatever the hell Mairon's "pony" did to Uldred