YMMV / Walt Disney

  • All Animation Is Disney: Disney's marketing has been so excessive that he has practically become synonymous with the film genre. He is still the only universally famous animator known by the general public of all ages and to many people it's as if he made every single animated cartoon in the world.
    • This also goes the other way around. Many people think Disney only made animated cartoons, while in reality he also produced live-action movies, TV series and nature documentaries.
  • Artist Disillusionment / Creator Backlash: Despite the critical praise and commercial success for Cinderella, Walt was reportedly very unsatisfied with the film, as to him it was no Snow White. To be sure, he had been very hands-off during the production of the film due to his train obsession, but that may have been intentional, as he felt he'd never make anything as good as Snow White again.
  • Award Snub: The man with the most Oscar wins in history... never won Best Picture, something which he always resented. He was nominated once for "Mary Poppins," which ended up being his last film.
  • Awesome Ego: Nobody could do what he did, without having such an ego.
  • Creator Breakdown: Walt had one in 1931 due to the stress of running the studio and producing so many works at the same time coupled with his wife's recent miscarriage.