YMMV / Wally Gator

  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Gosh Zilla amounts to Wally overdosing after misunderstanding Mr. Twiddle's medicine dosage instructions, knocking himself out and having a lucid dream about growing to an enormous height and walking through the city as the community reacts to him. At the end of the dream, he's offered a contract to be a movie star before he's suddenly woken up. After Mr. Twiddle explains what happened, Wally then proceeds to deliberately overdose in order to continue the dream as a panicked Mr. Twiddle shouts at him to stop. Great lesson for the kids.
  • Genius Bonus: It helps to know your The American Civil War terminology whenever Beauregard gets involved. One of his episode's titles even has it (Rebel Rabble, "Rebel" being a term for Southerners who supported the United States).