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aka: WALL-E
  • Acceptable Targets
    • The Mega Corp. monopoly Buy n Large. The Spill movie review crew noted: "And I love the irony in this whole anti-overconsumerism message coming to us from, of all people, Disney—"
    • Also, thoughtless consumers. On the other hand, the "thoughtless consumers" of the Axiom are rather decent humans. It's actually Pixar that's showing us, and they didn't mean it. The message just came out like that to some viewers.
  • Accidental Aesop: The directors claims that this movie was not intended to have an anti-consumerism message, and that the purpose of the over-consumerism theme was to justify WALL•E's existence. The same is true of the film's obvious Green Aesop: WALL•E needed to live on a planet full of garbage, and the story was derived from that.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation
    • AUTO. Is he really a bad guy, or is he just forced to do what he's told by any means necessary? He is right — if humanity stays on the Axiom, they're still safe. The people aren't prisoners, they're just oblivious.
    • The CEO of BnL, for that matter. He's clearly not happy to report that the process of cleaning up Earth has failed, nor does he seem too happy to order the autopilots to keep Humanity in space. But given what we're told, he didn't have any other choice.
    • There's plenty of moments that hint that the Axiom wasn't intended to make people slovenly. The floating chairs were designed for for the elderly, robots tell people not to splash when in the pool, there's entire decks designed for jogging, etc.
  • Anvilicious
    • We don't know if you noticed, but our increasingly decadent lifestyles and disregard for the environment don't turn out well.
    • If there was something intentionally anvilicious, it's more along the lines of "our decadent lifestyles makes us disconnected from humanity and relationships to the point where we cannot look or touch each other."
    • "Rather than try to fix this problem, it'll just be easier for everyone to remain in space."
    • Kind of blown out of the water by the various "the world after humanity" documentaries that show the world returning to a near-pristine condition in less than a century of total human abandonment. Even our tallest skyscrapers would crumble to dust within 100 years, petroleum products (oil, gasoline, plastics, etc.) break down in mere years, metals corrode.... By 700 years there would be no sign humanity had ever stood on this world's surface. Science Marches On, perhaps?
    • They all had the core assumption that humanity all disappeared, instantly, with things at their present state. The denuded, waterless, dust-storm-swept Earth that BnL left would take *MUCH* longer to recover — certainly not just a century. That plant life was starting to reappear in sheltered places was a small miracle in itself, which brings us to the start of the movie...
  • Award Snub
    • Despite being a serious contender for best film in 2008, animated or otherwise, the Oscars are still rigged so that a "cartoon" can't even be considered for a Best Picture Oscar anymore. Fortunately, some other awards and critics circles are more accommodating. The LA Film Critics Association and several other prominent regional groups awarded the film Best Picture. The Oscars seemed have taken the hint, as Up was nominated for Best Picture in 2009, after the category was expanded to 10 entrants.
    • Didn't win a single award for which it was nominated for the 2008 Annie Awards. In fact, the Annies were swept almost completely by Kung Fu Panda. While it did win Best Animated Feature it was beaten in the Sound Editing category by Slumdog Millionaire, despite the first half being nothing but sound from the guy who "voiced" R2D2 too. It's theorized that the expansion of the Best Picture category to 10 movies was because of the uproar over snubbing The Dark Knight and WALL•E. In the next year, Pixar's following movie, Up was nominated for Best Picture and Best Animated Feature.
  • Broken Base: Viewers seem split over:
    • Whether or not the increased amount of dialogue and social commentary once WALL•E and EVE reach the Axiom ruins the movie.
    • Whether having EVE fail to restore WALL•E's memories would have made the ending feel more poignant and less contrived, or if the ending already feels powerful enough with WALL•E and EVE living Happily Ever After.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: At the near end, the way GO-4 was thrown out of the window during McCrea's fight with AUTO.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Define Dancing", which plays over the scene where WALL-E and EVE 'dance' together around the AXIOM.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: AUTO. Considering the things he does and his overall demeanor, he's the only viable Mary Sue target. This ranges from the mundane (average fangirl Sue hanger-on) to the uber-sparkly (a God Mode Villain Stu whose only purpose seems to be making AUTO into his weepy uke slave).
  • Ear Worm
    • The Buy n Large jingle.
    • "Put On Your Sunday Clothes".
  • Ensemble Dark Horse
    • M-O and HAN-S (the massage robot).
    • AUTO. The fandom loves him. A lot.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: At first it's funny seeing WALL•E at Low-Power, meaning that he is sleepy. But it's not so funny when it means that he is on the brink of death.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
    • At the end, the crew is seen planting pizza. In 2011, Congress called pizza a vegetable.
    • WALL•E using all the garbage he collects to construct full-sized buildings one block at a time seems like it would be tedious and annoying — but now that we have Minecraft, a lot more people can probably see the appeal.
    • The cupcake in a cup, a throwaway gag to show what food will be like in the future, is now real.
  • Magnum Opus: Many consider this Pixar's finest work, with some competition from the Toy Story trilogy.
  • Misaimed Fandom: AUTO. Amusing how a character Andrew Stanton intended to have no character has fan clubs as well as tons of fanfiction and fanart.
  • Moe: Most of the robots including the titular character, EVE, and M-O.
  • Moral Event Horizon: AUTO crosses this when he electrocutes WALL•E and then throws him and EVE down into the garbage disposal tube.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Pay close attention to the portraits of the previous Axiom pilots. AUTO starts off in the background, but slowly gets closer and closer over time, until he is staring right over the current captain's shoulder.
    • They're also getting fatter... which is kind of fair given their environment, but also a bit disturbing.
    • WALL•E's Eye Scream could count when you realize the cord the lens hangs off from is the optic nerve.
  • Robo Ship: Do we really need to explain this?
  • Spiritual Licensee: The Nostalgia Chick believes that WALL•E is a far more faithful adaptation of The Lorax than the actual movie.
  • Tear Jerker: Oh, YEAH.
  • Ugly Cute
    • WALL•E is a trash compactor, and still one of the most adorable movie stars ever made.
    • WALL•E's pet cockroach, dubbed by the producers as Hal.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: According to Word of God, no, it's not. The massive amounts of pollution were simply an excuse to get all the humans off the Earth and nothing else.
  • WOOB•E: He definitely qualifies as an Iron Woobie.
    • His programing demands that he goes out and cleans the world of all the trash. He is the last Wall-e that is operating. He has to clean up all the trash in the world, on a planet that is essentially MADE OF TRASH, alone, brick by brick, and he has been doing it for hundreds of years. And you thought your life sucked.

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