YMMV / Wait Until Dark

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: You can make a case that Talman developed feelings for Susy and that this is part of the reason why he lets her go. Especially in stage productions, where their relationship can be played countless ways by the actors.
  • Complete Monster: Roat kills a few people and terrorizes and tries to kill a blind woman played by Audrey Hepburn in order to find a doll filled with heroin. More specifically, he romances and kills a woman, then brings her two exes in and sets them up so they'll be forced to work for him. He then makes said blind woman think that her husband's an adulterer and uses the other two to psychologically torture her and make her afraid to leave her own home. He's so sick that his unwilling partners try to finish him off and both end up dead. Then he torments the blind woman face to face, ironically in the dark, in one of the most chilling climaxes in film history. Even she realizes toward the end that the doll is of secondary importance to Roat...he enjoys doing evil for evil's sake above all. And to cap it off in a bit of Fridge Horror: had he found out the little girl who was helping the blind woman, he most certainly would have killed her without a second thought... How monstrous is he? The producers had some trouble casting the role for the movie, as many actors were worried that being the man that terrorized Audrey Hepburn would permanently taint their image.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Roat, evil as he is, is very good at thinking on his feet and manipulating the situation to go his way.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The last 15 minutes of the movie as Susy struggles to kill every light source in her apartment before Roat can kill her. The final minute of battle between them is in total darkness. Stephen King named the Jump Scare in which Roat jumps out from the shadows at Susy as the scariest thing he's ever seen on film.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • Even if you're not blind, this movie is terrifying. Especially the early scene where Susy gets home, unaware that there are three men hiding in her house, and a dead body hanging in her closet.
    • During that same scene, there's a bit where Susy grabs a scarf from the closet without realizing that the aforementioned dead body is RIGHT NEXT TO HER. Then she puts the scarf on and it brushes the corpse's face! ACK!
  • Too Cool to Live: Mike.
  • Values Dissonance: Today Susy's husband comes off as insensitive. And Gloria's tantrum isn't justified by what we see.