YMMV / WWE SmackDown!

  • Dork Age: While SmackDown is usually praised for its wrestling-focused show, the show's roster, and thus, quality, was decimated in 2004. The show lost most of its main players from the previous two years: Brock Lesnar left the company, Chris Benoit went to RAW during his angle, Edge (who missed a year due to neck surgery) returned on RAW rather than SmackDown, The Undertaker began to cut his schedule, and Kurt Angle was injured for most of the summer, shuttling him into a GM role. Their once-vaunted tag team division was now reduced to the Dudley Boyz (with one foot out the door in the company), Rico & Charlie Haas, and Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly. The Cruiserweight Division, one of the unique staples of the Blue Brand, was phased out due to Vince's concerns over their frequent injuries due to the heavy schedule, and ended up going into the hands of Jacqueline, Chavo Guerrero Senior, and Chavo Jr. winning it back from Jacky with one hand behind his back (on PPV). Their newcomers mostly flamed out in that time span; while they hit a home run with rookies like Brock Lesnar and John Cena in 2002, new faces like Mordecai, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, and Nathan Jones all failed to make an impact. And finally, you had Tough Enough 4, which played out like a male version of the Diva Search rather than the well-received reality show of before. The show got so bad that Scott Keith ended his run of doing reviews of the show and the show's fall arguably helped the company fall out of favor with the IWC for several years. The PG-era and the end of the Brand Extension has arguably made matters even worse; things of any major significance to the plot of a storyline rarely if ever happen on Smackdown anymore, and wrestlers appear on both shows as they please.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Both its midcard and the show as a whole. SmackDown offers more in-ring wrestling than promo-heavy Raw, meaning some of the company's underlooked talent get a lot of time to shine by putting on some stellar 10-15 minute matches, and the emphasis on matches over promos tend to be a reason why the IWC usually favors it over Raw. The tag-team division in 2002, dubbed the "SmackDown Six" by the IWC, also gained notoriety for putting on some incredible matches with each other in either singles or team competition, consisting of a murderer's row of talent including Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Edge (breaking through as a singles star), Rey Mysterio (back when his knees were healthy and could fly around the ring), Eddie Guerrero and his nephew Chavo.
  • Face Of The Brand: Well, okay he's technically not the Face, but The Undertaker has been a major part of Smackdown since the Brand Extension started.
    • Coincidentally, now that 'Taker is basically retired and saved for Wrestlemania only, the Brand Extension has more or less ended.